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[Event] BigBoss Party

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NancyFox    158

Dear friends!

A big party event is awaiting you to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary!
"BigBoss Party"!

From 07/10 to 21/10, collect Ascension Energy from the world bosses of lvl 38+ (for each member of the alliance/union who defeated the boss. Level restrictions are applied).



List of bosses:

    • Andre
    • Grand Chieftain Saendukal
    • King Consierd
    • Grand Chieftain Kasika
    • Old Wise Skiron
    • Takun the Terrible
    • Queen Alukina
    • Bollvig Blackheart
    • Vampire Queen Ntuamu
    • Lost Balor
    • Ragnarok
    • Omega 
    • Governor Sunayaka 
    • Berserker Sunayaka
    • Golden Tatar 
    • Ativas Crystalline 
    • Debarim the Omnipotent 
    • Enraged Mastarius 
    • Enraged Veille 
    • Tarak
    • Moltenus


Call your friends, defeat the world bosses!

Collect Ascension Energy. Holiday NPCs
Gracia (Elysium) and Emma (Pandemonium) will exchange them for holiday gifts!


For exchange, you can choose from any of three types of gift boxes or separate items.


Screenshot 2022-09-21 143205.jpgScreenshot 2022-09-21 143220.jpgScreenshot 2022-09-21 143231.jpg

Festival Accessory Gift Box

  • [Event] Birthday Cake Piece - 3pcs.
  • [Event] Ribbit Sunrise - 3pcs. 
  • [Event] Special Recovery Bundle 
  • [Event] Pointy Hat 
  • Rainbow Big Wig 
  • [Event] Cute Big Ribbon Bandana 
  • Celebration Firecracker No.2 - 3pcs 
  • Celebration Firecracker No.2 - 3pcs 
  • [Event] Form Candy Bundle (drops 1 candy)


[Event] GIft for a Daeva

  • Administrator's boon (3 -day pass) 
  • Major Blessed Augment: Level 2 
  • [Event] Daeva's Manastone Bundle
  • Composite Manastone Pouch (lvl60 composite manastones) 
  • Lv.120 Enchantment stone - 2pcs 
  • Ceramium medal - 2pcs 
  • Blood Mark - 30pcs 
  • [Event] Victory Banquet Food Box 
  • Noble Ancient Manastone Bundle


[Event] Blessed GIft for a Daeva

  • Tempering solution 
  • Lv.130 Enchantment stone - 2pcs 
  • Administrator's boon (7 -day pass) 
  • [Title Card] - Aion's Chosen (15 days) 
  • Illuminary Obelisk Idian Pouch 
  • Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day) 
  • Fabled Godstone Box 
  • Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal) 
  • Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) 
  • Vindachinerk's Fine Combination Tool
  • Wing of Agony



  • Sky Warden's Wingfeather (7days) 


  • Night Warden's Wingfeather (7days)


  • Dusk Warden's Wingfeather (7days)


  • Dawn Warden's Wingfeather (7days) 



We also remind you about other festive events for the Birthday of EuroAion!




25% Discounts in the game store for the specified categories!

Have a nice holiday!

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