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[Promotion] Veteran Rewards

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NancyFox    158


For the celebration of the server's birthday, we launched a promotion to return players to the server.
But of course, we could not forget about those
who have been playing on our project since the very start and have not left it!

We are sincerely grateful to all of you for your dedication,
support and faith in our strength!

All the players who started their journey on our project no later than 01/01/2021 and have been playing uo to this day
will receive the following gifts:

[Title] Hero of EuroAion(30 days):

  • Movement speed +5%
  • Attack speed +4%
  • Casting speed +4% 
  • Phys. protection in PvP +2%
  • Mag. protection in PvP 2%

Administrator's boon (30-day pass)

  • In case of death, the side effects of resurrection are not applied, experience points are not lost, and the cost for soul healing, flights and teleports is 1 kinar. For improved soul healing, an additional fee is charged.

Honorary Devil's Egg - 30-day pass

  • Automatically uses food and magic items (3).
  • The pet brings items during the battle.
  • Can be trained.
  • The purchased pet is placed at your disposal for 30 days.

A unique mount that cannot be purchased in the game shop - Spectral Tiger (30 days):

  • Movement speed: 14.0
  • Flight speed: 16.0
  • Sprint speed: 16.0
  • Flight time/sec.: -1

Screenshot 2022-09-21 124602.jpg

Gifts will arrive by game mail, within 60 minutes from entering the game with a "veteran" character.

If the gifts have NOT arrived, then your characters does NOT meet the conditions of the promotion!

Players who have not logged into the game for a long time and log in during the promotion period will
not receive the above mentioned gifts.

However there's a special promotion for such returning users:

Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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