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Happy Birthday, Euroaion!

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NancyFox    219


Greetings, Daevas!

It's time to celebrate our 3rd anniversary!

A congratulatory delegation arrived in Atreia (with a short delay) to celebrate Daeva day with the heroes.

The guests have brought a large birthday cake with three candles, but the magic flame is fading... what shall we do?
There is a way out!
Aether Flame and bring it to Hapolia or Berdinea in the main city of your faction.
If you are late, the flame will be scattered by the wind and in 
2 hours it will be gone!
In exchange for the flames, you will get Brilliant, Mysterious and Calming Truly Free Candle.
The candle should be brought to the birthday cake as soon as possible – and Hooray! You and everyone else within 200 meters from the candle will receive the candle blessing. Teaming up in this good deed, Daevas will get a lot of useful buffs. High-level players will be able to help their "younger" comrades in gaining experience, looting items, and improving their characteristics.

Newcomers will also receive a surprise: after becoming Daevas, they will receive a special task.
The reward for this quest will be a set of items for growth, including scrolls, potions, Pets, and more.

Good luck!

The event is in progress from October, 07 to October, 21!

For the daevas who reached level 30

During the event, every Daeva who reaches level 30 can receive Aether flame.




You can get it from the monsters in the following locations:

  • Heiron / Beluslan
  • Inggison / Gelkmaros
  • Tiamatanta's Eye


  • Aether Flames drop with a small chance from level 30+ monsters.
  • Getting the flames is only possible from the monsters of equal level or from the ones 8 levels higher/lower than the character's level.


  • Aether flames can be stored in the inventory for only 2 hours.
  • You can only keep one flame at once!
  • Aether flames cannot be obtained from dungeons, dredgeons and arenas.


Aether flames can be exchanged by Hapolia (Sanctum) or Berdinea (Pandaemonium)




 for one of the birthday candles:




After receiving a candle, go to the cake and use the candle to light it.


  • The candle can be stored in your inventory for 30 minutes!
  • All Daevas within 100 m from the cake will receive a blessing, depending on the type of the candle.
  • It is possible to get all three blessings at the same time.
  • When you leave the game, the blessing timing stops. 
  • When you receive a new blessing, the timer is updated for the same effect.
  • The blessing (buff) lasts for 4 hours. 


Each player can only purchase 4 candles per day!


For daevas of 10-29 levels

Young characters of levels 10-29 can get an additional quest, which will give them additional birthday gifts.
The NPCs giving the guest are located in the capitals: Dwen (Sanctum) and of Aved (Pandaemonium)






The reward is given immediately.

  • Daminu's Amulet I (10)
  • Sassy Manduri Egg
  • Reviving Elemental Stone (10)
  • [Event] New Daeva Supplies

[Event] New Daeva Supplies contains potions and scrolls according to the level, running, anti-shock and courage/awakening scrolls (class bind) 50 pcs each.




The NPCs Ias (Sanctum) and Belenus (Pandemonium) can give you one more task.
The reward will include a Pointy Hat and 10 Firecrackers !






Play more and get more gifts!


During the server's birthday celebration, for every 5 hours of stayng online, you will receive a special "Strange box" that will drop one of the following items (some items are tradeable):


[Event] Very small gift box (Web slink gift)

Dawn Warden (7 d.)



Sky Warden (7 d.)



Dusk Warden (7 d.)



Night Warden (7 d.)



Europagati (7 d.)The
Bunny Hat Tabby (7 d.)
Playful Bunny (7 d.)
Black Minicar (7 d.)
Giant panda (7 d.)

  • Stormwing Egg (7 days)
  • Lukeshunerk Egg (7 days)
  • Infernal Diabol Egg (7 days)
  • Red Bow Kobushka Egg (7 days)
  • Helper Pixie Egg (7 days)
  • Popstar Summoning Lamp (7 days)
  • Pink Point Radama Egg (7 days)
  • Innocent Merek Egg (7 days)
  • Stormwing Egg (15 days)
  • Lukeshunerk Egg (15 days)
  • Infernal Diabol Egg (15 days)
  • Red Bow Kobushka Egg (15 days)
  • Helper Pixie Egg (15 days)
  • Popstar Summoning Lamp (15 days)
  • Pink Point Radama Egg (15 days)
  • Innocent Merek Egg (15 days)
  • Stormwing Egg (30 days)
  • Lukeshunerk Egg (30 days)
  • Infernal Diabol Egg (30 days)
  • Red Bow Kobushka Egg (30 days)
  • Helper Pixie Egg (30 days)
  • Honorary Devil's Egg - 30-day pass
  • Honorary Angel's Egg - 30-day pass
  • Noble Red Bulldozer Egg (30 days)
  • Popstar Summoning Lamp (30 days)
  • Pink Point Radama Egg (30 days)
  • Su-ro Kim Summoning Lamp (30 days)
  • Shin-young Kim Summoning Lamp (30 days)
  • Innocent Merek Egg (30 days)
  • Spooky Spandex
  • Rainbowed Rattlesnake Costume
  • Dotted Snake Costume
  • Striped Snake Costume
  • Perky Wedding Dress/Tuxedo
  • Delightful Outfit
  • Contemporary Look
  • Stylish Party Outfit
  • Dashing Suit

You don't need to be online continuously for 5 hours to get the box! The time spent in the game is summed up and when you reach 5 "played" hours, you will be given the gift. Time is counted on each character separately. Available for the charachers of levels 10-65.

If you get several identical temporary Embryos, you can train them all. At the same time, their remaining time is summed up!


And the discounts! From 07/10 to 21/10

25% on items from categories:

  • Mounts
  • Sets
  • Costumes
  • Hats
  • Shields
  • Weapon
  • Wings
  • Housekeeping
  • Emotions/Actions/Skill

Discounts are valid throughout the event: from the 07th to the 21th of October inclusive!


In addition, we have prepared a number of events and gifts for our players. Read the details by the links below:

25% Discounts in the game store for the specified categories!

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TheAlmighty    872

The last days on the server we not as pleasant and caused the delays of the updates, changes and more important of the birthday events.

We have experiences serious ddos attacks which we have been fighting until the present moment. As it was said earlier, the attacks were different from those constantly "hitting" the serer (you do not feel them because of the good anti-DDoS protection). This is why solving the problem took quite a lot of time. 

We are grateful for your patience and understanding!

As compensation for unstable work of the server we are glad to provide: 


  • the gifts (available until 21.10 inclusively for one character on the account in the poll);
    • Stormwing  Egg (7 d.)
    • Scooter (7 d.)


    • [Title] Dreamstrider Title (7 days)
    • Ceramium Medal (4 pcs.)
    • Value BOOST pack (7 days.)
    • Gift box with a Boost Drop Pack (7 days)

Attention! If you already have Boost Drop Pack in your inventory, do not open the Gift Box until the timing for your pack isn't over. Otherwise the timing will be going on for both items at once!


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