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  1. Banned all accounts

    Hy Banned all my accounts 2days ago, but nobody tell why and how many time the block. I tried to ask on discord ticket, but nothing. I need to write who?! (Who can explain it)
  2. Cant login to my accounts

    I sent you a pm
  3. Cant login to my accounts

    Hy I cant login to game and the homepage too. I tryed to restore my password, changed my password, but not worth it.
  4. Hy I cant login all my accounts, always got the "invalid credentails" message. Whats wrong whit my accounts?
  5. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    This event is a su..k, daily 12 character and got only 2 tempering. Drop rates lower chance or wtf happened this event? From nightmare circus 12 tempering. Hm?
  6. nice lag

    and started again, f..k off at the last boss in shugo, double smoke time, gg
  7. nice lag

    Cannot connect, after 6 hours later nice 🙂👌
  8. nice lag

    If defense worked, why cannot login? Online 0... U think its a working defence? If the defense would worked i would runned my 8. shugo run... 😐
  9. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    Untradable, all event item melt down after 2 weaks? Whats wrong Your brains...? Want to close the server or wtf? Doing this sh.t for some crybaby pleasure?! I have 120 pcs event character, all time doing events, sell items and buy tempering and enchants for endgame. I waste MY TIME to do these char... everybody have the chance to do this. I arrived to work and burn 1-2 hours to do event chars (unnecessary now i see). So, my vision is, want to crash the server, i see it good? Someone is mart please answer. Please...
  10. Drop information

    Ok i understend. And somene knows which bosses drop tempering solutions? My friend got a tempering from fire temple last boss, i just want to check the valadity of this. ( I cant belive it...) Any list which bosses can drop tempering?
  11. Drop information

    Hy I have a question, any drop info command working on the server? Like //dropinfo or //droplist?
  12. Thanks for everything

    Is it better to go down random for 2-3 hours? Why not have the server ddos protection? I think they got enough money from donate to do this... Or not?
  13. Our legion would like to thank you for the experiences and great battles so far, unfortunately it looks like we will have to watch it on another server. We hope to solve the server problems as soon as possible, unfortunately we have waited long enough. bye euro aion, Rip 😞
  14. Problem ze ściągnięciem gry

    I am downloaded today gamez too in 7 minits whit 2000M internet whit lan, idk what happening whit euroaion... Ppls moving from here if this continiosly i think, at the moment a play Gamez whitout any lag or freeze 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. Here we go again :D

    And now we need to search another server to play or wtf?