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  1. kinah dont grown on trees BUT...

    well I should've mentioned Asmodian and also I believe its your class.. I could do this as level 37 with default gear on ranger with some use of life pots against the Warlock ... I also heard you can make a lot more at higher levels on instances but yeah this can get you capped for starters.. but making money here solely depends on if someone is hogging the place or not..
  2. In game icon for BlackCloud Market Place is directing me to GoldAion - Login this is very suspicious. Is everybody getting this link from the in-game icon??
  3. I have capped out this week on selling kinah on the General Store... Required level + gear.. just enough to kill level 40 elite 5 on Morheim ... Just need some FAT empty inventory Go to the location and kill these 3 mobs: Brutal Mist Mane Bulwark, Brutal Mist Mane Curate, Brutal Mist Mane Warlock... I think people who already know are going to hate me for this