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  1. the account name is GikuBuriku the link to the itemis thx
  2. Any reason to finish Campaine quests

    Hellow guys! I ve got to level 65 with my first character in Aion but did not finish any of the campaines. My question, is there any reason to turn back and finish them? Is there any reward for doing this. And btw i know there should be a quest line to kill some ranked players to get a godstone but cant find it. Thx and have fun
  3. Account name: ------- Character name: Gigik Thenx mate
  4. Account name: ----------- Character name: Gigik Thenx mate
  5. Hellow Hope you can help me! I've both by mistake a <Name Change Ticket> i wanted to gift it to someone else and now i am stuck with this item that i dont actually need. i was wandering if i can get a Ecoin refond so i can use them for something constructive i started playng 2 weeks ago and i need all the help i can get Thx!
  6. Hellow, i am back to Aion after more then 10 years and i find that euroAion is a great server. The last time i played the cap lvl was 55 and bt was the endgame instance everyone was doing. I see the game has added lots of new things from 2.0 till 4.8 and i am kind of overwelmed with all the new instances and mechanics. I am curently a gladiator lvl 64 and started farming BM set and i wold love finding an english speaching legion with wich i can chat and PvPvE so i can get up to speed with all the new things. Thx and best of luck 🤞