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  1. It won't run.

  2. Problem with launcher

    Are you sure the server is on?
  3. Special maintenance 17.08

    Thank you!
  4. Special maintenance 17.08

    And.... The admins....? Hello did you went with DDoS attack far far away??? No info, no nothing... Statistic of Playing Today: 1 Hour Playing | 3 Hours Trying to Log
  5. For when?? Should be nice to see if the prices of some important things drop a little
  6. Special maintenance 17.08

    Btw? The server is up?
  7. Special maintenance 17.08

    And after... Log again and...... I want to see the light in the end of tunnel
  8. locking for help

    Exp Legion
  9. Special maintenance 17.08

    Can you (Admins or Moderators) please (Now and in the future) when you done these Maintenance, have the kindness to post a reply like "Server is back online, thank you for your patience" Would be nice and show how much you apreciate the "Patience" of all players on this server. Thank you!
  10. Special maintenance 17.08

    When does this ends?
  11. Attacks on the server

    Welcome to the club! ^^
  12. Cannot connect to the server

    And.... Is now 10:00 AM GMT +0 and.... Amazing!!!!
  13. Cannot connect to the server

    Almost 1 hour trying to play and... Really thinking about of quiting play on this "Perfect and Quality Server"... Everyday is the same, lags, freezes, disconnects.... Admins... Sit... Watch... And do NOTHING!