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  1. Mophad verschwunden

    Nach einem Teleport von der Phon-Garnison ins Sauro-Gebirge war mein Mophad Optima nicht mehr im Inventar. Beim Gemischtwarenhändler habe ich über Rückkauf geprüft, ob ich es nicht aus Versehen verkauft hab. Da war es aber nicht. Ich Chat war auch nicht zu lesen, dass ich es weggeworfen hätte. Wo ist mein Mount geblieben? Ich hätte es doch ganz gerne wieder. Asmo - Baskerville
  2. Client startet nicht

    Problem is solved. Active Anticheat can use max 12 cores, My cpu has 16. I've found a tool named EasyToolz. With that you can configure, how many cores shall be used by an app. That works also with Win11 I think that problem is useful for your Possible problems with the game client Thx for your help.
  3. Client startet nicht

    Hi, ich habe einen neuen Rechner mit Win 11 und nem Ryzen 9. Der Client startet mit Anticheat, zeigt kurz das kleine Aion-Bild und wird ohne Fehler beendet. Habe es jetzt 3mal neu installiert. Ebenso DirectX und Visual C. DotNet 4 geht nicht, weil es Bestandteil von Win11 ist. Antivirus und Firewall sind gecheckt und ok. Hyper-V ist im Bios aus. Hat jemand eine Idee, was da los ist? Danke MfG Hasch66
  4. Client startet nicht

    You can't remove DotNet in Win 10 or 11 because it is part of the system... I test it with deveral tools, but nothing removes it completely. I think, Active Anticheat is too depp in System and will be blocked by the TPM. And this is a feature, that i will not remove!
  5. Client startet nicht

    And, at least: i installed a new Win 10 on my new PC. And what happend? Nothing. The problem is not solved...... And now? Greetz Hasch
  6. Client startet nicht

    So, i tested a lot of things. I made a clone of my old system on an external drive and testetd it on my old and my new pc. I can start the win10 from the ext drive without any problems on both pc's. But the Aion-Client wil not start on the new one. It's the same as above. So i install a new Win10, download and install all needed files. On my old pc i can start with that. Also Aion starts very well, On my new hardware win 10 starts, but the aion-client will not start... I tried GAmeZ Aion, that uses also Active anticheat. On my old pc i can start it, on my new not. With Beyond Aion i have no problem on both pc's. It is not win 11 that makes the problem. I think, it's the active Anticheat that will not run with Ryzen 9, GTX 3080 or whatever. greetz Hasch
  7. Client startet nicht

    i'm using Kaspersky Internet Security - Euroaion Folder and Porgrams are allowed for all I tried also with disabling KIS. MS Defender is completely disabled. I tried to start with right-klick - start as Administrator and also with setting admin-rights in the properties of EuroAion.exe.
  8. Client startet nicht

    Hi, i've tried several settings x32/x64, different languages - without any results. DirecX ist unpacked to a Temp-Folder - then i run DXSETUP.exe (several times, also as admin)
  9. Client startet nicht

    thx for reply. I've read the possible Problems and tried all the tipps. In win 11 you can't install the DotNet 4.0, because its part of system. But nothing helps.If there is another idea to solve my problem, let me know By the way: Another client (other private server) is working fine. I think it's this Active Anticheat that makes the problems. Greetz Hasch66