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  1. Very slow download

    The link is on really thanks is really much fast ^^
  2. Very slow download

    Oh sorry you tell to the link x) When i use the link is do this
  3. Very slow download

    The download is very very slow to 40/50 min , after is up to 600 kb/s for 5 min and again down to 15 / 50 kb/s , or is do " Preparing for download " for 30 min
  4. Very slow download

    They do this to 20 min ='(
  5. Very slow download

    The download is good now thanks for your help see you in game
  6. Very slow download

    Thanks i tried the link The link don't working =(
  7. Very slow download

    Hi I"m french player , i was try to download euro aion with launcher , with torrent , but is very slow (30 kb/s ) . in 9 hours i download 2 go only , and i check my internet is not the problem . When i start the download is good (600 kb/s ) but only for 1 min after he come back to 30kb/s Please help me i dont want 1 week to play ='(