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  1. Kamar change

    Thanks! Appreciate your clarification. Take your time and test it then properly.
  2. Kamar change

    I guess biggest frustration is when you know that pvp wise opposing ally is really not that much better than yours or even worse, but they always somehow get suspiciously great drops of beritras. From their point of view aoe grenades is best thing they can have, these people 100% not going to vote for grenade removal and lose thing which gives edge in pvp instance to them. In other hand admins wanted to encourage people to pvp in sieges and etc. so I'm with them, let people have pvp also in Kamar, remove this grenade bullshit. At the end of the day Glory Points should go to the ally which pvp'ed, not used one click 5-6 mass aoes on someone. Don't think I need to defend my point of view. People have their own mind about this, I just want to know what admins think about current level of "fairness" in Kamar.
  3. Kamar change

    I honestly don't think they can remove boost pack effect from one instance, would require more work than just disabling one item from dungeon. Even if they say they do, how do you know if its truly not working? Admins most likely not going to admit any of that but whatever, I'm more interested to see if changes like beritra grenade can be done or server itself willing to do something like that. At the end of the day - arenas was disabled literally because of people cheating, not going for fair pvp. Here we go again, I'm raising same question - do we wan't real pvp in Kamar or some washed up version with scam boostpacks and aoe grenades which nobody in right mind enjoy losing to. Some dude already said he's enjoying using grenades when in other thread talking how much he's enjoying pvp on ice next to EB camp
  4. Kamar change

    those grenades completely negate PvP. If both sides going 50/50 then those grenades is HUGE factor in winning whole Kamar instance. Anyone interested in real PVP at Kamar would vote removing aoe grenades, not a brainer, how that fits when you can kill half alliance with one item in pvp instance imagine that your ally getting bigger share of grenades... also those grenades for sure remove way to come back if it takes longer for you to organize, figure out strategy, people just start afk'ing. I literally do not see any positives of having aoe grenades there. on top of that i'm hearing that drop boost packs used to get better chance of beritra. If that is true - what's the point even doing kamar when some clowns basically buy edge even in kamar?
  5. Kamar change

  6. Kamar change

    any news?
  7. Kamar change

    Hi, wanted to suggest one change in Kamar instance - remove or change how aoe beritra grenade (looted from mobs) works. I would like those grenades either removed completely or to work only on single target (would be great killing cannon for example) REASON: it's pvp instance but whole mechanic and gameplay decided by chocking opposing alliance with those grenades. Also this is RNG based thing, happened to me several times when in whole run killing lots of balaur mobs and getting 0 grenades, but being bombed like 3-4-5 times in a row by opposition. So those two reasons already throws pvp experience out through the window by giving rng unfair advance to one or other side. thanks
  8. no answer is also an answer admins must be having more important questions to deal with than end game players requests.
  9. @TheAlmighty can we get clear answer what's your take on this? Could happen? Not gonna happen?
  10. Cooperation with content creators

    you can add that server link for free you know, takes like 10 sec. to copy/paste link into video description.
  11. If this happens - probably best thing in this server in last 1year+ while im playing on this char Lets be clear, this camp have no real pvp, 99% is ganking, all this time wasting and waiting serves no purpose at all, I guarantee if you ask people who actually does Bastion if they prefer to wait 30+ mins every evening 99% will tell you they don't want to wait at all. In Kaldor we used to have more PVP at EB entrance than in here waiting for NPC to spawn... For fun I checked Pashid Claws in this char (132) and if we take 30mins wait time for every run: (132 * 30min) / 60min = 66 hours just doing nothing spectacular. Put that entrance stone in front of camp and move on, nothing to argue here about.
  12. Tia siege made easier

    You delusional or something? If asmos side not interested in taking Tia forts - its not that boss too hard, you just dont recruit enough people. I don't see any issues with Tia sieges in elyos side.
  13. discord bans?

    @sophisticated What? How I insulted server or made negative comments if I was away for three weeks and didn't played aion or used discord? Are you serious here?
  14. discord bans?

    Any GM's would be able to contact me and explain why my discord seems to be banned from your server when I was on three weeks vacation? NerijusX#9151 much appreciated
  15. Changes in game

    You can trade fortuneers tokens to radiant tokens and buy wings or pets then ^^