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      Ddos attacks! / Атаки на сервер!   08/16/2022

      The server is under consistent DDos-attqcks. We are testing and setting a new defense system (for now unsuccessfully). The server is unstable for now. Disconnections, unplanned maintenances are possible, as well as it may be impossible to enter the game. There's no need to contact the supports now, as until the problems are fixed generally, there's nothing else we could do you regarding this issue. Together with "standard" ddos we have more advanced attacks that seek for the breaches in the game server infrastructure breaches. 
      Since the start of the problem we have found and closed some of the breaches (and just recently closed some more). Sadly the intruder finds new ones. Closing them is not that easy, as there are no ready to use fixes/solutions for such problem. Compensations for the failed instances are not possible anymore! After the unplanned restars/server drops, the entries will be reset (may depend on the circumstances). Thank you for understanding
      Сервер находится под постоянными атаками. Работа сервера нестабильна. Возможны отключения, внеплановые рестарты, невозможность зайти в игру. Нет смысла обращаться в поддержку для решения этих проблем. Пока не будут решены проблемы с атаками мы ни чем не сможем вам помочь. Компенсации за вылеты из данжей выдаваться больше НЕ будут. После внеплановых рестартов/падений сервера входы в данжи будут сбрасываться (могут быть и не сброшены. В зависимости от обстоятельств). Кроме стандартного ddos'а мы имеем дело с более продвинутыми атаками, нацеленными на уязвимости инфраструктуры игрового сервера.
      За время атак, было найдено и ликвидировано несколько уязвимостей. Но злоумышленники находят новые "дырки" в программном обеспечении сервера. Их выявление и закрытие это непростая задача. Готовых решений для решения этой проблемы не существует.  Мы делаем все возможное для решения сложившихся проблем. Спасибо за понимание.


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  1. Tienda shop

    Hello, yesterday during the maintenance I bought a nibel 4 cube expander, it cost 200 eurocoin and they deducted the charge and I did not get the articuro. My account is Vikingo. personaje casike
  2. if you give me to choose a game that fails 1 day yes or one day no to a maintenance of 1 week. I prefer the maintenance -.-
  3. Server & Game are Dying

    the rank is not good to be ofi 2 you need 25 thousand gp. In my Spanish legion we were almost 60 in 1 week we stayed 4 prescribe the rank please let's see if those of us who remain on the server dare to play
  4. Server unavailable (10/03)

    calma, calma si fueron otros administradores en el juego lo cerraban diratamente .pero estos chicos piensan como nosotros fueron jugadores tambien.y piensas en ustedes ... pasiencia la espera vale la pena
  5. Server unavailable (10/03)

    Those who complain about the server should see the server's rules. The real money you put in is not required. apart without electric current they cannot be miracles..and keeping the game and makina on costs money.
  6. shop pay credit card

    tengo el mismo plovema con mi visa desde Portugal error Autorizacion
  7. Can't advance to expert alchemy

    Tengo el mismo plovema no sube del 399
  8. Not being able to donate without paypal

    Mi unico metodo para ayudar al servidor es Paysafecard hay noticia de esto? Grasias
  9. Donation via Paysafecard

    The solution is Paisafecar is my only reliable method in which I can access

    Hello, there is a Paysafecard for sale of 5 Euros. It would be possible to keep this payment method 5 euros = 250 EuroCoins. Fats
  11. ChnhhhhhhhaqChaqueta del general asmodiano de PNJ 02ueta del general asmodiano de PNJ 02Chaqueta del general asmodiano de PNJ 02
  12. No funciona el cliente
  13. Tienda shop

    ChaqChaqueta del general asmodiano de PNJ 02ueta del general asmodiano de PNJ 02Chaqueta del general asmodiano de PNJ 02
  14. New payment systems

    Hello, I bought a Paysafecard of 10 EUR. And the minimum donation for 500 eurocoin is 10.37 Eur ,,, and there is only Paysafecar of 10 eur 20 eu, 50, eur.¿what do I do with my passport card of 10 eur? Thank you