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  1. LF English speaking legion

    Hello, just downloaded the game 😊 Im looking for a english speaking legion, i will make a character today (Spiritmaster) , i have played EU aion official server for about 7 years, my main was a Cleric/SM.
  2. The client wont start

    okay i think i found something out, turned off "http" when running the client, seems to be downloading now. Ill update if needed
  3. The client wont start

    tried that also, several times to different locations/folders, nothing
  4. The client wont start

    Hello everyone, Just yesterday i found out about the server and was recommended to me, but im having problems with the client. Keeping in mind im unable to download torrent ( i have no idea why my laptop just wont start it ), and the third option for downloading wont work for me. Ill post a screenshot so you can see whats it about. When i press on "Install" it doesent do anything it just loads the bar and kicks me right out like instantly. I've downloaded all of the 3 necessary programs you need for the game. Hopefully someone is able to help, thanks in advance.