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  1. Here we go again :D

    rly nice fck gp reset...
  2. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    wings under the class or at random?
  3. Server & Game are Dying

    Maybe they just give you all the forts, an asmo killer skill at once. You are doing nothing, you are playing against each other and you have a grudge against everyone but yourself.
  4. Emote spam

    Lol Use block option.....
  5. Choose the light side and get gifts!

    Ely you don't need xforms, use your brains and you'll have 1-2 forts. We won out and there were even fewer of us than you are now. But instead of doing something, you can only cry on the forum
  6. Sound problem

    See if the headphones you play on are the default sound device in Windows. Otherwise there will be no sound in the game.
  7. Problem start launcher

    Disable virtualization in bios
  8. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    Where the gunkers are i can't find them in pernon?
  9. Black Friday on EuroAion !

    @christof A hint to my question is in the last post?
  10. Black Friday on EuroAion !

    how do i buy eurocions?
  11. Payment

    1. dont work 2. dont work it is not possible to buy erucoin credit cards. We cannot buy a title that allows normal gameplay. Therefore, it would be useful to have an evet / survey with the title for e.g. the 7 day, and until the payments will work for the whole of Europe
  12. I can't buy Ecoins

    I have the same problem. What country are you from? I'm from Poland.