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  1. AP gear sell

    Can you tell me where it is most profitable to sell?
  2. AP gear sell

    Hei! Two months ago I took a break from the game. Not very wisely, I blindly bought the officer's set (staff and armor). After reflection, set rank 1 is better for me. Is there a way to undo the purchase of these items or another way to recover AP points and medals?
  3. payment problems

    PAYPALYCH I have always used this method, and the minimum value is ok, I tried 300
  4. payment problems

    hey, I have a problem with payments on the website. I can't pay for ecoins with a visa credit card. I provide the necessary data and receive the message "card not supported" This is strange, because I have already paid for ecoins with it more than once, any advice?
  5. [Alliance] Face the Commander

    hey, my oversight. Jask then unlock the quest glory on swb
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the quest "[Alliance] Face the Commander". I've done instances many times, but it never counts the boss as a mission for me, is it a mistake? Thanks for helps.
  7. Can't get the acces to Kromede Trial's

    Hey, I have the same problem. I leveled up today and the mission is missing. nick; Poika
  8. Ruhnadium entry

    Hi! I have a problem with entering the runadium instance (normal, not bonus). When I click on the portal (gate) it says "this is probably the entrance to the runadium". I've been looking for information on the web if there is any prerequisite task, but I couldn't find such information. I will be grateful for any help
  9. Hey, today I did the tasks and during the mentioned "idriatu legion" Idriatu Legion Description: Talk to Perento. Talk to Piros. Look for Lamidros. Destroy the [plur]Balaur Guardian Stone (5). Defeat Guardian Drafala (1). Report to Perento. Orders: Heiron's leaders plan to strike a blow against the invading Balaur. Go to the fortress and meet Brigade General Perento. the problem is i have 9/5 stones destroyed and the task is still not completed, I do not know what to do. Thanks in advance for your help