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  1. Which side and class ???

    @Click you can see the server status on the website Population is pretty much 50-50
  2. Hunter Stigma

    Silence arrow actually suck in PVE. @Belphigor you only need bestial fury and focused shots when they'll become available. Until then, it doesn't really matter what you use.
  3. PvP tier list

    Hmm....I think I'll stick to my ranger. Seeing what people were saying about ranger here, I was thinking I'd get rofl stomped just by logging in. I've played all classes when I was being tormented by the p2w shackles of gameforge and the life of a ranger was hard but rewarding in the end. Winning duels or 1v1 arenas against plates for example (and not just any plates, I'm talking serious people) was very satisfying. Ofc there are some people you just can't beat no matter what. Also, I was taken in most groups once people saw I can handle my own. In the end, since Aion always was a small community, when people see that you're serious, they're starting to trust you and invite you everywhere. Also, ranger relatively cheap to gear. Only one pvp set (crit/macc) with two bows (blind and silence gs) and one atk/crit pve set. Well, thanks for advice guys!
  4. Events

    Hello, is there some sort of schedule for events on euroaion? Or when the next one will be available and what sort of event will it be?
  5. Mount Evolution!

    The -1 flight time per second mounts are the best. They're very good for sprinting, especially when levelling up. So obviously I will pick those. But it will be nice to increase the number of mounts in the shop. Atm, most of them are wolves (which is awesome) and horses.
  6. Grinding in 4.6

    How about farming composite manastones, enchantment stones and tempering solutions?
  7. Mount Evolution!

    On the shop I see that some mounts that cost less ecoins have a high flight time per second reduction when sprinting. This is not optimal because in the end I will pick the one with less flight time cost per second due to it being more efficient. It will be nice to have the option to "upgrade" those as well.
  8. PvP tier list

    Hello Senju, thanks for the reply. I agree, ranger is indeed very hard to master and in the right hands is a forced to be reckoned with. In group pvp I used to struggle when my premade went against hardcore players because ranger is way too squishy and you'd be putting too much pressure on the cleric. Where I find the ranger to be lacking is in close quarters and there are many of those currently in aion's pvp instanced. If the map doesn't allow the ranger to remain at distance and gives no room to kite, then it can't do anything. In solo pvp is very nice... I had tons of fun with it. I don't know, I was thinking of starting a templar because plate armor look sexy and the playstyle is awesome but I'm rather discouraged by the fact that it requires too many sets (although I don't see why... because in group pvp you won't get targeted anyways...crit/accuracy should be enough for groups). Sorc is cool too because of nukes but it's a dress-wearing (and cast time) class and I don't do dresses. Gladiator is pretty ok but that dude don't do well in solo without a pocket cleric. I tried AT on a friend's account and that class just kicks ass (many pros, few cons) but it's ugly... if the robot was smaller and wouldn't take away all my screen in tight spaces, I would have started one immediately. The robot has it all (not sure how it handles group pvp... maybe to disrupt the enemy's cleric). (I also tried to level a gunner but that class is insanely boring due to its lack of complexity).
  9. Grinding in 4.6

    Hello everyone, I've just started here and I was wondering on how to grind efficiently in 4.6 Aside instanced, if I want to grind for composite manastones, where would I need to go? Also, in the Idian Depths, is it worth farming there for something that I can resell for kinah? Actually, what's the best way to grind for kinah (through reselling the loot) and where? Thank you
  10. PvP tier list

    Hello everyone, can you guys take a moment and share your thoughts about the state of the pvp meta in 4.6? I don't remember this patch that well (it was just before I started playing Aion and was too much of a beginner to understand it). Answering the question will help me decide what class to actually play. I was thinking to play ranger again but I've seen that people here don't think very high of them. *** My main focus is group PvP but I will be also doing the crucible arenas. Thank you
  11. 4,8 update ???

    Let's go at it this way: I'd rather have 4.8 with all it brings rather than 4.6 with all it has. In my opinion we'll get more than we loose but since that's subjective, everyone must decide for himself. What's certain is that we can't play 4.6 forever.
  12. 4,8 update ???

    As I mentioned, yes, only for the balance changes (AND visual improvements). Content wise, 4.6 may have better content but 4.8 is good too. If we're to put weight both with the good and the bad, I'd say the balance hands more on the 4.8 side.
  13. 4,8 update ???

    Hello there, let me jump in real quick on that and say that there's this weird bug that moves the camera on a different direction. For example, I am walking normally or fighting someone with the camera fixed on my target and while doing that, I find myself after a split second facing somewhere else. It's like one or more frames were lost. My ping is stable at 19-20ms and there are no packets lost during that time frame (I've checked). As for the 4.8, I also agree we should have it here. That version brought many balance changes and visual improvements on the game. It removed katalam which sucks but overall I believe it's better... plus people played 4.6 for a while now. Maybe it's time to move forward?!