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  1. Attacks on the server

    Enlighten me please, if you want your players (thousands of them) to go through the process of changing their IP constantly (something which some of them can't do because of their ISP) doesn't it mean that the Attacker can do the exact same thing, hence making this whole hustle pointless? What is stopping Godxd (the ddoser on Asmo side Lv9 Sorc) who announces the DDOS literally seconds before it happens to do the EXACT SAME thing to bypass your protection and keep DDOSing the server? Didn't this happen yesterday even after you implemented the new protection? He shut down the server after Siege (on EB time, hence why you had to gives tens of EB Reset scrolls today) while typing on LFG how much he likes Lulu. The change you made yourselves killed the will of the players to play the server more than anything in the server's history, more than people jumping to GC, more than the server fire, more than random GP reset, more than the DDOS itself. They can't play the game, the administration itself does not want them, they are not welcome. And do not kid yourself, they are your customers, you are not doing anyone a favor. You are making thousands of € out of it monthly. I doubt you could make even the 1/10th of that in real life.
  2. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Nice siege today ty for announcement surely it didn't effect it at all with barely 10 elyos participating in a "2000 people" community with ~50% per faction
  3. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Most inactive siege ever today, even worse compared to when people left for GC Its funny because literally 3-4 days ago Elyos actually started making a comeback getting forts, you make this nonsense decision/announcement and siege has been dead more than even, gz! True i guess, gotta look like you work on something
  4. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Admins are out of touch with reality and at the end of the day they will do w/e they feel like I still remember when i made a support ticket with a guy using **lon hack noclipping through the ground instanly to escape pvp/death, stayed at fixed 85m and when used scroll to leave the map and Nancy said it was my fault for ganking on the guy 2v1 (?) Its obvious from the fact that they are not doing a survey or anything and you don't even see GG people who actually contribute to the server's life communicating about this problem here or analyzing it, just the average "do this/don't do that because i don't like it" sensational BS with zero facts I said it before and i will say it again - TL;DR at the bottom 1) Disabling GP from arenas will essentially remove content from the game which will make a stale patch even more boring while also punishing non-EU players, which are quite a lot actually - goes against your own narrative that you want to reset to revitalize the server - 2) Trading will still occur in higher frequency in Sieges and when someone trades in Siege its unfair for the guy who is not trading because he gets his AP legit but the GP is based on AP gained by class, so the trader steals a spot from the non-trader (e.g. instead of getting 250 GP you will get 200). This will make the non-traders think of trading to compete. 3) I'm sorry to say this but Hard Reseting the GP is retarded, you will reduce the rank difference of a star 5 vs star 2 from like 40k GP (which is a window the 5-star created by being active + actually winning) to what, 3842. ~4K GP is nothing when you can make +1k GP per day wth. Randoms getting 5-star by accident while the real 5-stars who farmed their asses off to create a window/pillow of GG GP so they can go vacations on July/August are gonna return and get fked because you decided to Hard reset for what? 4) In no competitive game with a ladder they FULLY reset and please don't go like oh "but you keep your rank", you cull 95% of the GP the dif in the GP/Rank will be close to non-existant. Use league as an example, over there you "lose" your rank but you keep your MMR and for the first 10 matches you get almost x10 LP (like GP) to get back to your old rank if you perform. Obviously all that stuff is not possible here technically but giving out an example that even in the biggest game right now they don't just cull off everything. 5) This is done to promote activity in Sieges, Sieges are the way they are because their leadership stinks and at the end of the day they are playing the game. Why win if you "lose" you get +10% PvP Attack all the time which goes up to 15% and 20% ? Hell, people paid hundreds of euros to get +5 all accs to get that +10% PvP attack, imagine 10% more on top of it. Remove the pvp buff or at least limit it only during Siege time. The Admin said it on the original post anyway, people have almost reached 300k GP - obviously referring to Sensenman - do you think they need the help of pvp buff? Are they that weak? BS. PvP buff is what is killing OW pvp and duels in sarpan, can't pvp fair because of w/e politics some people or legions follow. Tl;Dr - My solution would be 1) Cull the GP of +3 Star by ~50% 2) Increase GP loss for low ranks by 100% so they won't tank 1/2 star by sitting afk in EoB/Kamar for months 3) Remove/Adjust PvP Buff for "losing" faction so both factions play fair and this will help OW PvP/Sarpan PvP a lot
  5. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    The server is using the leaked PTS files from the Russian 4.6 iirc, they can barely modify anything their knowledge is limited. All they do is just adjust some numbers and change some loot. Also even if they did that what would be the point of farming, would kill the longetivity of the server. No reason to struggle/grind etc, it already is meh in a way since 2 star and general equip the same armor
  6. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    All theory no facts no numbers just "what my gut feels like" which eventually will lead the ladder back to where we are right now. I explained it very eloquently on both my 1st post (to which you responded) and on the 2nd on which you did not. 1) Do you need a reset (hard or soft that another story) to keep the ladder interesting and balanced between old and new players? Yes. 2) Does it have to be a random out of nowhere one time thing or seasonal so people can compete with a sense of security? Seasonal. 6 months period for example. Players will know how to schedule based on their real life and will know what to expect. Those players work so they can donate and keep this project in profit. 3) Does it help if we make Arenas irrelevant? No because the traders will just move their trading on Sieges which is harder to detect than trading in Arenas where a 5-star sits "afk" while he tries to match with his Rank 9 Level 65 Daeva geared char. Making Arenas irrelevant will actually make it worse for the new players because its harder for them to get max contri on Siege and its harder because lots of people work, it doesn't fit their time schedule to go Siege or they are not from EU. 4) Does it solve the issue of inactive people clogging the 2 star ++ in the ladder? No. No it does not because they just lose ~24GP per day and if they have 10k GP, to decay to ~5k GP they need 208 days which is 7 months, and thats without counting for logging in randomly to go some random AFK Kamar, that's insanely slow hence why new players struggle to hit Star 2 and equip their gear. It doesn't matter if Arenas don't give GP or if you "reset" the ladder, inactive people in ~2 months will still clog the ladder with their slow decay AGAIN. Change the decay to 50/75/100/175/225 etc, it will help the ladder immensely without having to shake up the foundations, without having to do major changes which you are unable to do in your project.
  7. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    This change they are planning is probably gonna damage the server more than the DDOSer would ever hope to achieve these past few weeks, its insane. Agreed, its a thing which i forgot to include in my OP since i have no big issue with the timezone but you are right, EuroAion is played by lots of people around the globe not just from EU. Arenas are problematic for sure, but you don't cut off your arm because it hurts, you try to patch it up and heal it. Queue or get an Entry -> Consume ticket. That simple. Almost all the trading is gonna be fixed since most traders don't get matched with their alts from the first try, hence why they spend hours dodging until they get matchfixing done properly. Edit: Also i find it quite funny this thread is not a discussion thread but more like of an announcement of what is going to happen, they are not asking about our opinion or making a poll so people can vote somehow. Quite ironic if you think of it when on the original post you read stuff like
  8. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Culling ~90% of the GP for high ranks is not soft reset in any scenario, for example a high 5 star asmo has 99.762 GP and with your "soft" reset he will drop to 5.210, this is a 94% reduction in his GP and he will be equalized with the newcomer 5-star who has right now 59.188 GP. This not a soft reset no matter how you brand it, 5-star needs 5.210 GP and you can farm ~1k GP per day without arenas. "Not losing your rank" means nothing when the minimum GP for the rank is very low and close to not having GP at all, this is 90% hard reset. Cut GP to half. People who have 300k GP should go back to 150k, People who have 100k GP should go back to 50k. This would be a real soft reset. However by itself it would nto suffice because it doesn't solve the core issue, inflation The reason why people have so much GP to begin with is because at low ranks they lose like 23 GP per day and farm 1k. Later on they lose like 54 and they still make 1k. Your "soft" reset is not going to change this in any manner and more resets will be needed. You did not understand the content of the post. You doubled the GP decay linearly based on Ranks not based on GP income per day which is not effective, hence why you reached the point that a Gov has 300k GP and you have to reset because none can contest him. A 5-star right now losses ~200 GP per day which is good to not cause inflation, he has to win EOB/Kamar (200GP) to make up for his daily lose and then perform well in Siege to make up to +900GP. A 1-star or 2-star loses 10 to 20 GP per day which is nothing compared to the daily income which he can achieve hence why there is inflation and why new players can't easily contest the ladder. You can make up to 1k per day and they just lose 10, just by farming 1 week they can tank the ladder FOR MONTHS because of the very slow decay. Just by logging in and doing AFK EOBs/Kamars is enough to sustain it. Arena GP contributed to the inflation but not so much, it was (if you won and have Value Boost Pack) ~120GP. Katalam/Danaria Siege gives up to 900GP and Abyss up to 600GP Increase the decay for 1-star to 50GP, 2-star 75GP, 3-star 100GP, 4 star 175GP and automatically in a month half of the ladder will be cleansed from inactive/alts/traders and newcomers will actually stand a chance. The players are interested in content because they get rewarded for it, if they are not rewarded they will not attend to it, none would wanted to be permafeared to a narrow bridge by a SM or kited by a gunner on the Flying Lava map if there was no reward. Also none wants to farm Udas non-stop the whole day, they just do it for the rewards of your Event. If it wasn't for the rewards people would farm Quests in Pernon and Oriel. Of course those players should be punished by an in-game Game Master who are consistently trading and caught in the act. They are not just cheating against the other people in the ladder who are trying to grind fair but also they are grinding to reach Top 3 in the Arena ladder so they can get the rewards you give them every single month which are quite plentyful. If they are not active in other activities maybe they should not be high ranked to begin with? Isn't this the whole point of Glory Points, get rewarded for being active? Are we going to reward the non-active people and the cheaters in Arena just because of what? I am aware that the changes are not in-game yet and this is an announcement, i draw the conclusions because its basic maths. People trade to increase their rank -> You reduce the places they can farm to increase their rank -> They will trade even more in the other areas (Sieges, Kamar EOB) Are they going to stop? Obviously not since they are not punished or afraid to begin with. They will just move their "business" Actually no, i don't think that it is easier to be caught in Siege than in Arena. In Arena if someone passes for 30mins in the row just to match with a random Rank1 Daevanation Gear it is obvious that he was aiming to trade with his alt. You can prove it. How can you prove if X Ranger traded with Y Assassin because he used Eye and saw him? The ranger will just say, hey i just keep using Eye and trying to find people in Hide. There are traders Assassins who just suicide in a group for people, are you gonna punish all the people who killed the Assassin and the people who were in an ally and kill the Assassin/got AP for it? Its harder to prove since Siege is an open world zerg chaos, unlike Arena. I do remember a friend of mine who was temp banned recently because someone from his group killed a guy who you deemed trader, he got AP because he was close - didn't even hit him - and you banned him. He was actually sitting AFK in the fort because siege was boring and it had no Elyos past the first 15 minutes. Throwing random bans left and right does not mean that you are working on the issue and it actually proves my point. I have more examples of random bans. If those worked to begin with tons of random no-names would not be star officers/generals (since you need a high income to sustain it) and you would not need to reset the ladder. But this is the definition of creating insecurity, like when a depositor does not trust the banking system with his deposits and he is afraid that he might lose them one random day. Why would people grind for the ladder if they don't know when its gonna reset and if it does ever again and see their grinding evaporate? If there was a announced schedule like in every single modern competitive game out there (League of Legends, Apex) that in every X/Y month we will have X/Y form of reset it would be professional and it would make sense. Now why would people grind GP since in a week or two you are planning to reset it? 90k GP or 50k GP it doesn't matter, soon its going back to 5k. Why would the 50k GP guy farm since the reset is gonna be linear? You are doing the correct thing (a reset which was needed for like a year now) in the worst possible way possible.
  9. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    In theory its good i guess especially for the faction which does not have MKK and the income of Ceranium is limited, but in practice people will trade non-stop again for them so whats the point if trading is not fixed (queue or get a pop -> consume ticket automatically) and there is no a in-game GM to bother and do some surveillance? Unless we are fine with trading which essentially is cheating.
  10. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Wow what a kick in the balls this decision is, quite fascinating actually, what a good way to reward those players who stayed on this server while many others went to GC like 3 times in the row! Equalizing them with the active ones on EA. Which happened because you never culled/soft reseted GP like everyone does in every single competitive ladder nowadays, e.g. League of Legends. Soft reset at the end of the year, losing like 50% of your rank so there is no inflation in points like right now. Doing usual soft resets means that active players are rewarded more than inactives as they should while not having to force a hard reset Which could be easily fixable by just adjusting the GP loss per day for the lower ranks. The issues is that people want to get to 2 star officer so they can equip their end-game pvp gear but they can't because there are tons of 2 stars already who lose what, 23 GP per day? 23 GP! You can sustain this just by sitting AFK in EOB x2/Kamar x2 and actually climbing up making a profit. Not to mention Arenas, IWW, IS, 300 GP in Abyss siege just by killing 3 lv45 towers. Isn't the GP decay doubled already hence why big ranks lose 250 GP per day? Just increase the decay for 2 star to like 100, In less than a month half of them who are alts will decay to 1 star naturally, they won't be able to sustain it. And what exactly will be the reason for a player to actually go for Arenas now? Get a random L80 stone in 1 out of 5 winning chests? Literally removing the viability of the content in an already limited patch when it comes to content since the server is locked to 4.6 The problem is trading and everyone knows it, how does removing the GP reward from Arenas help exactly when people trade the exact same way in EOB/Kamar daily trying to matchfix with their alts? Are you gonna remove the GP reward from EOB/Kamar too? Isn't it literally the same? So you know and admit that people trade constantly and you have an official ladder on your website for 1v1/3v3 etc, isn't it quite simple to just look at the top of the so called ladder and check manually those names/people who are top rank but they barely play? Isn't it obvious that they trade, can''t you check them manually in-game and ban them since trading is against the rules? Its specific people anyway who abuse this to the extreme, 10,20,30 people at best. Easily detectable since they camp that Arena Door for hours until they matchfix. But that would require a in-game GM to actually log and work. Sieges have been actually active the past few days before any of those changes. Those changes have nothing to do with Siege to begin with, people who traded on Arenas will trade on Siege too its not rocket science. Actually its gonna make it worse, people to maximize their GP gains will trade as much as possible now since their sources/income of GP is going to be limited now. The siege situation is the way it is based on the in-game politics and the fact that you reward the "losing" faction with a PvP buff which is equal if not more than all Accs +5. There is a reason why Elyos get Artifacts in Abyss often and not use them, specific Legion gets them so other Elyos won't have the ability to use them and actually get a fort so Elyos eventually get the 10% PvP buff and Asmos won't. More Luluxds running around clueless Also whats the plan, you announced that you will reset now but there should be schedule, you will reset anytime you feel like (every 3 years) or actually following a schedule e.g. every 6 months. People should know so they will know if they should commit in this fiesta of a server who keeps getting DDOSed almost every siege which is gonna increase now i guess, that guy is gonna have the time of his life now that more people are gonna depend on Siege for GP.
  11. [Event] Boiling Point!

    You are copy-pasting the items via hyperlink from long ago but it doesn't work anymore. For months if not years has been shutdown and has replaced it. I advice to fix the links because none works.
  12. Choose the dark side and get gifts!

    More Asians and less Europeans, its called EUROaion after all, its main audience is the EU population. If that happens players will jump ship every single week to the "winning" side. Impossible. There is no different/more info you can extract from the current situation for which you have had enough time - exactly 1 month to do so. Checking different times/days, its still the same as it was 1 week ago, 2 weeks ago etc. You and i can screenshot every single hour to check if it is the case. The situation is as follows, we got here because 1 month ago most top asmos and some top elys moved to this other 4.8 server and they did so by either just leaving or some of them even selling their EA accounts (which means they probably won't come back or even if they do they will start from 0 which they won't obviously) This had a chain reaction by some asmos having inside info and that their side will die so they moved to ely side and suddenly in ~3/4 days (25 of august to 29) the whole balance had a 180 turn out of nowhere. Meanwhile you were chilling in Discord for like 3 weeks in the row without even refering to the issue - like if you avoid talking about it, it will be gone by its own - and if it was done by another user the discussion would get bombared by clueless guy like and he was a 1st poster too, damn. What did you do the counter the situation tho? Birthday Event + Ely char creation lock + Asmos "Bonuses" (char lock did not even happen at the same time as the events).... which HAD NO EFFECT! What is this? Siege time and 1.266 players, 59% Ely 41% Asmo EXACTLY THE SAME as 1 week ago, or 2 weeks ago even before you implemented any event or restrictions. Legit none cares about your events or you restrictions or your bonuses because you are out of touch with reality and you haven't grasped the current situation. Was the Server's/Asmo side problem the lack of EXP? In a Server where you can 1-65 in 2 days? Or lack of AP, 20%? When you can kill 1 mob in ID with 3 hits and get +100AP with Value pack? Asmo Broker/Economy is dead, no manastones, tempering is hard to sell because none is interested to buy it because big asmos (the big spenders) are mostly gone (!). Minority as a race and at the same time hard to farm Ceras, who the hell will join this Server and play as Asmo as of right now, as a newcomer, when he can't farm Ceras? And i mean at a pace from which he won't sleep on the keyboard. What are those benefits? Legit i am curious how you came up with them. Are you afraid to give out stuff in case you cause inflation and you lose Donations? Don't you get it, people - and i am sure of it - are hardly donating right now compared to the past. Elys have everything so their economy is booming and they barely need to donate. Tryhard Asmos gone + newcomers won't bother donating 25$ for a mount for example when they see that they stand no chance and that LFG is dead. In the end of the day you are losing money too, i never saw in my life a server who hates money that much. You are afraid to invest money to make more money. I am pretty sure you did not expect such a failure from your birthday event which was custom too so you actually paid for it get created. By the end of the month more Asmos and probably big ones will leave and none will replace them, good luck to the Elys i guess if they do not get bored soon ;p
  13. Choose the dark side and get gifts!

    On Discord you say that the difference is 20% and on the Forums you say that it is 10%, decide, is it 10 or 20? And that isn't a translation error we all use the same numbers. The difference is 20% even during siege times of a total 1400 players which means 840 Elyos vs 560 Asmodians The difference is 280 players which is 11 Full Alliances (!) Ignorant on purpose. Elyos when they were losing were way more already, 55% Elyos and 45% Asmodians to be specific which means that the difference was 10% in terms of population, not 20% like now, and also back then there were around 2.000 players during Siege not 1.400 which we have at the moment. This means that xforms were weaker - way more people to DPS them and bring them down - unlike now that if you xform during Siege you most likely won't die, not enough people to burst you down. And by the way in case you are not aware like half of the top 100 Asmos are gone which means no xforms. I suppose you if are not 80% vs 20% you can't cope