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  1. Taloc's Root issue

    sry, false alarm
  2. Maintenance 04.08.2023

    Похоже, снова Бидон постарался.
  3. Boost EXP Pack 30 days does not work

    Hi 0% of repose at the moment. It appears that I missed the "Energy of repose" part in the description. My fault. Issue closed .
  4. Hi I purchased Boost EXP Pack 30 days today, 6 June 23. The description promised 100% XP boost, but the XP is the same as it was before the pack was activated; in other words, the EXP Pack does not make any difference whatsoever. Plz help.
  5. Hi Serimnir in <The Calydon Ruins> does not appear; I waited at the 'flagged' cave for hours, tried other locations, waited for game day to change to game night and back, but the NPC would not show up. Plz comment. Thanks.
  6. Mr

    Does the silence mean that there is no hope for the fault to be fixed?
  7. Mr

    So it appears that we are being sanctioned/punished by Russia for our sins.
  8. Mr

    I assume maintenance was performed on Wed the 9th Feb. Still the same problem. Plz help. Also, I tried to purchase some E-Coins, but was informed that purchases from the UK are not allowed. Is there a way to buy E-Coins from the UK?
  9. secret of adma stronghold

    Same problem here. It was promised to be "fixed after update", but it was not. Plz help.
  10. Mr

    Hi, a problem with Adma Stronghold quest: Sahnu does not update. My char is SW Gotapee, lvl 49 now Asmo side. Plz help.
  11. Glaciont the Hardy stopped updating

    Update on 13 June 2021: Glaciont issue seems to be resolved now. The cartoon starts running on approach, after the mob is killed the quest updates. Also, 'The Secret of Adma Stronghold' is working OK too. Many thanks.
  12. Glaciont the Hardy stopped updating

    As stated above and to repeat the quest name, "Glaciont the Hardy" quest stopped updating. It is 'step 3' here: http://aion.mmorpg-life.com/quest/glaciont-the-hardy/11745/. It used to be OK before, now I killed the mob several times, no update followed. In addition to Adma entry quest which is also not updating anymore, as reported by a number of other players. The proper name of the Adma entry quest: The Secret of Adma Stronghold. It used to be OK, but now it is a dead end. The problem is at is 'step 2' here: http://aion.mmorpg-life.com/quest/the-secret-of-adma-stronghold/11759/. 'Sahny' does not give the task for the next step of the quest. Plz specify if any part of the explanation is not understood.
  13. Several story quests stopped updating. In addition to the Adma entry quest, Glaciont the Hardy does not update anymore. The game is deteriorating, new bugs are being introduced. It is very disappointing. Any comments or observations? Promises to fix?
  14. The Secret of Adma Stronghhold

    Same problem Asmo side. I managed to get the quest with one char somehow, but could not with my other chars. I tried the same on ely and managed just walk in into Adma, no quests or questions asked. Some guys (elys) have all the luck.