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  1. Shop items

    Could you add Fire Dragon Kings Weapons skins to item shop
  2. Client Error On Update

    you cant reinstall the netframework
  3. Problem ingame and with launcher

    i did everything on that list last night as i stated in the comments above. its impossible to reinstall the net framework tho. i sorted the send log problem by reinstalling the game however i have not checked recently but i still couldn't check files last time i tried. the fact tho that i have seen a lot of people having that issue makes me think its not my side but something to do with the launcher itself
  4. Problem ingame and with launcher

    nevermind happened again it seems to be whenever i get close to this spot
  5. Problem ingame and with launcher

    ok i used the teleport feature and its fixed it (for now hopefully) still dunno how i am meant to fix the check files
  6. Problem ingame and with launcher

    tried to see if i can delete net framework to reinstall but no joys i have no idea. i also reluctantly downgraded my graphics driver but that also has not solved the issue. note i can log onto any other char just not my main
  7. Problem ingame and with launcher

    And added as exception to windows defender
  8. Problem ingame and with launcher

    also went to install the net framework but its saying its already installed
  9. i started getting a crash related to cryengine i am in brusthonin i have been fine all the time i played but i hit this spot and now everytime i log into that char i just instantly crash. Tried to reinstal directx still nothing searched up a bit on here and found to try removing the bin folders and reinstall so went to do that and now the launcher wont check my files or install. this is the issue it shows. hope i can get this resolved i just flung 50 euros into it 5 minutes before this happened
  10. Donations for the project

    Hi i tried both options but seems i cant use my bank card from UK wanted a mount buu