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  1. Cant rotate camera

    Hello,so we need to put old version of nvidia drivers. Is weeks I play with out problem when Nvidia release driver now is worse to play I move my mouse and is lagging like hell. I try to put old version. But i think is no logical that. Someone can explain me please. Thanks
  2. Racist And Mock Player

    Hello Thank you for leaving these people to discriminate and belittle. Sorry but that now reaches a point we can't even speak on LFG anymore. The royal sorry maybe I say to someone something on Forum and even 24-hour pass I take penalty points. Okay, I don't mind because it stops me and makes me think better. But how you go deal with this guy? Is go continue playing and mock more people? Thanks And Hope you find a solution
  3. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    GG Let give more Power to Asmos
  4. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    Kamai Go to school 16-year-old Brat ^.^ And shut up for now
  5. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    TheAlmighty, I don't mean about Boost a second account for LvL Up, All we do is some point. The thing is they manipulate the system and they do little Communities and spit and mock another player. A good example Is LFG there you can see how Elyos side Mock people if they ask one simple question. Say if ask "Why I never see an Elyos PvP on Katalam or Danarina and Asmos Slayter players and is starting to be annoying" They stark call you Dog and they can reach to say words for your Family.
  6. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    Darkpika Elyos Governor Faill for Rank 9 so your words they true. When PvE is going be revive so people can do instances and don't need to run like mad men to rank up say to Star-2 Officer so they can take an Ap Gear to play at least PvP. But wait how we do that when they make asmo and they keep those Ranks? And they so secret thing little people know about the name they have. But if an Asmo tells you on your Face "I am on top 30 Elyos and I Manupilate Sieges" you go be a Teletubbies?
  7. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    Utterbitter I don't think magically I go be better, But when people like you make little Communities and go on instances. I don't say don't do your Premades and go. If PvE is dead then we go follow PvP Road. How we go do that When all High ranks go SWB and never get other people. I don't say to take 7 days but 1 day take rank 1 people and teach them so they can find their own premade on the way. And for PvE is dead all high Rank have already endgame PvE gear. Don't tell me to go Sauro 50 runs and not even drop for me. Katalimize again Premades and if someone put LFG is going be fail because has to take low DPS people. So yea when you thing what other players have to deal ever day then tell me.
  8. Elyos make Asmos And Asmos make Elyos

    Kamai please stop saying you are the Top Sorc, When you and others you manipulate too much Server. I don't cry only say is unfair because like that 0 Instances because you and others have your little Tea Party and others suffers and can't play a game so they can chill. Because you are high rank is not mean you have to spit and mock.
  9. Suggestions For Improvement

    Darkpika, To be better on what mate? When the system is already manipulated and those people vulgar words, names, and mock. Thye go stay there for Years They have Elyos chars high rank and they make Asmo so they can be manipulated more and the same goes for Asmos too. So you tell me now do whatever they do? That's is look correct on you? When Someone start says the truth thing, you jump and you start to mock them, and tell them "Go learn better". Nice i hope you continue with your gank do what you do and other suffer and they cant enjoy the game.....
  10. Suggestions For Improvement

    And in one month they done Character Elyos done Asmos and Asmo done Elyos (and they speak each other they manipulate the game). In those 30 days, they find a loop on the system, The game starts to not be Enjoyable anymore, Why try to grind Rank when the Rank system is manipulated? TheAlmighty, Thanks for the answer but is has any way to make those people stop manipulated the Rank system I go be Great. What we can do as players when the game starts to be stressful for those people? Sorry but they have called me vulgar words, names and mock me a lot, From those people. Sorry, but if we had a reset system I believe the game going to be Enjoyabl
  11. I will like to bring to your attention a matter that is so disgusting When high-rank people they make Elyos to Asmos Account so they cant kill trade Or Asmos make Elyos. They destroy all the meaning of the game. How we go play if after one month these people pay for Name Change Ticket so no one knows what they doing. 1. Why they still on those ranks? 2. Why rank 9 to rank 1 have suffered for those people? 3. What is the point to put an hour of gaming if this system never ends? 4.Why they still playing and not eat a ban when they use the same IP Andress? 5. Why keep those people around so they can do a secret quest and after they call people call them vulgar words and names? 6. Why low people have to suffer and never go play on instances for better Gear so they can enjoy the game? 7. Why they open two windows and apply at the same time in arenas so they can maybe find their second account? I don't see any improvement, I feel like I am in a communist game (Tropico) and not a Free to Play game (Aion), What is the point to spend our money on Shop for what so those people they can rule in the game? To continue vulgar words and names, What we play in a Hunger Games when rich people put low and poor people to fight for enjoyment? To continue to mock people when they only want to play a game so they can escape little from reality. what is the purpose of the game ?
  12. Suggestions For Improvement

    Well, how about reset ranks so people stop spit and make fun of the people who ask you for help, call them vulgar words and names. As if they are demigods. We ask something on LFG and they start they mock us. We can't find a group to go to instance because they make them our little Tea Partys. Game start to be more like a garbage dump with those people around. Yea I don't mind grinding my rank but how when they do they little parties so they can keep those ranks. I am on Elyos side and I see Elyos's high ranks to do anything and low rank to struggle to do even BM to give 12hours one day for only one of the Katalam or Danaria region. And those who do nothing stay with the party or are exploited with new players for a thing they have when they go 65 LVL, Example I saw people exploited with new players to put them on Runadium, and so they take Key quest and exploited them? How to enjoy a game like that?

    Omneity Is months they make this post, Point is to help others when they ask for help about Sorcerer. But I forget your haughty attitude and you think you above all. If truly you want to help people when they want to play a sorcerer help them and do not be overwhelmed when executing new people in the game for your own benefit only. I hate your guts.
  14. How to craft the extendable weapon?

    Yea Okey all this, Where is going to drop when Elyos they don't run for Dragon Lord's Refuge and your changes to find is on TS/TF is a little low because again no many ppl do those runs and is shameless. The only thing they want is PvP and Elyos lacks in that department. So hope all my best ... Don't forget Asmos they have those extendable weapons.
  15. [ Best ] Sorcerer Build

    As the title says I'm looking for the BEST SORCERER BUILD of 4.6. Haven't played sorcerer so post your recommendations.