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    Can we please have the title Daeva of Mercy, the quest isn't available. And this SKIN :
  2. Good morning everyone I thought I'd share some of the things that I thought It could be in our favor for a much better an smoother gaming experience. Starting gear : They did a good job giving us daeva gear to put us in a very good spot killing / farming wise but where's the accessories too ? I know It's optional but It would do a lot of people great help. Stigma shards...bruh It's a private server these should be at least given as we level up from the survay at the very least, even if a new player kept every single SS drop they get from a mob, by the time they reach 65, saying they did the pink quests in Theo, they won't have enough to manage different builds and upgrades. either reduce the number of SS needed to put on and off our stigmas to 1 SS per use ratio, or give more through leveling survey cause prices on the Broker are horrendous Penalty for toxicity and/or better report system : Aion like any other MMO is filled with Angry Andys' so I think a better report system to put everyone in check, a temporary lock out of that sort I think will reduce the toxicity a bit, on that note a temporary lokout for group leavers should be a MUST, am not sure if the devs are playing they're own servers but we ALL know a group disband due to a leaver, think about how much could this maybe(?) increase the quality of our groups. Optional idea for Greater Stigmas as we level up : new players has it hard when it comes to leveling stigmas so what about the moment they create they're account they reseave al ltheir stigmas ( for 30 days) that are upgraded with Kinah ? or maybe auto scaled / auto upgraded to their level and only usuable under lvl 64 the moment you reach 65 you should have enough AP to purchase your own and start upgrading : this was meant to make the lveling experience for new player much smoother with less of a hustle after all It's a private server that reflects retail not retail incarnate. Low level consumable : I don't think we need Scrolls and Pots to be spammed every few levels through survay : one of each that lasts until you reach a certain thresh hold i.e : 64 then you have to either craft your own or buy your own. again just an optional idea for tweaking Lack of Mentor - Mentee relationship / Social aspect of the game is bad : trying to do DP SR and few more instances are a pain in the but and it's slightly over looked. Update the E-coin store PLEASE : NOTHING there worth getting beside stuff to get geared : websites that are filled with different item IDs are available to be implemented with EASE, A LOT different emotes, motion cards, Titles, Skins, Wings, Pets and MUCH MUCH more should be added and It will never be enough it's really needs more items. Market Board Issues / TS prices : THESE needs to be looked into too. Character overview and character appearance saving : I have no time to re-create my favourite toon from scratch when I can simply save the appearance and load it again to make an alt or 2 when I get bored of my main also, just like WoW ( this is made for new players who never played Aion before) when they pick a character and before logging in they should get a message as in : This class can ascend to either Cleric or Chanter would you like to try one of them at max level to see how it feels like ? get the idea ? give them a chance to try a maxed lvl 65 infront an ally train dummy and an enemy train dummy to test the animation skills, dable with the stigmas cause A LOT of people are literally and always asking in LFG about stigma builds...I think It would give them a nice thing to look out for until they reach 65 themselves. the overview might be a nice little touch. Survey rewards should be upgraded, levels should be much more rewarding it feels lacklustre tbh. Hording names : Level 1 characters hoarding names should not be allowed lol come on, either use it or let someone enjoy their favourite names on their characters Different LFG language channels ? : Not sure what else I can add to this REMOVE THE WORLD CHAT WINDOW : I don't want that little thing on my screen having to block everyone who spams it with Megaphones so I don't see the stupid stuff people are posting : an absolute abuse The dodging issue has been brought to the table in different topics so am just gonna mention it here and no't go in full details Faction changing tickets : THIS must be included at ALL cost These are my thoughts as of right now rummaging for few ideas, let me know what you fellow daevas think and If any is worth taking into consideration. Best regards : Luminum - Cleric