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  1. Error: close all games! 3 Tried Everything

    Might be the Windows thing, could I do something about that? Thanks!
  2. Error: close all games! 3 Tried Everything

    Thanks! But as I said on my first post, I already did that. I don't know what else could I do. It doesn't happen to me in other games or even other Aion servers.
  3. Hello! First and foremost, thanks for the help. I get this "Launch error, please, close all games! 3" I tried everything, including what's included in the pinned post above on the forum (msconfig > services > hide windows services > disable all), and I installed all the resources (DirectX, etc...) Also tried turning off the antivirus, and also reinstalled the game, and, of course, restarted my computer. Nothing seems to work. I also closed all apps that aren't necessary for Windows. Do anyone know if I have any other things to try? Thanks again.