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  1. Lagging game

    i get extremly many lags since snowflake event started that it´s pretty much unplayable after half an hour at best from 1 min i have mostly 10-20 sec without problems at best and i don´t have issues with any other game and most games take much more resources from my pc and i tried everything that could come to mind i reinstalled it a few times i restarded client and pc i tried with vpn and without vpn and much more
  2. Client crashing

    i have done pretty much everything of the stuff thats there and don´t have any problems with my gunner as other cha on almost all maps but like i said i get crashes all the time right after log in with cleric wich i showed via picture
  3. Client crashing

    it´s hard to get a screenshot becouse it crashes right at the moment my character loads in you see the first mobs and the name mandury village and then it crashes so i could try make picture with the phone
  4. Client crashing

    my client crashes all the time in heiron in the Mandury Vally and i can´t do anything as soon as i log in with my cleric i get the crash.
  5. Trade Broker

    then this is pretty stupid wouldn´t the devs be able to implement it in the shop aswell when it´s allready possible in playershops? and much thanks to the information
  6. Trade Broker

    Hey i have a question, for some reason i can´t select how much from what i wanna buy in the trade broker wich is rly bothering me i tryd most combinations like shift klick and so on but none seems to be working wich is rly bothering me is the option not available or something? i mean in private shops you simple shift right click and buy exact amount you want but not in trade brocker for some wierd resason. ty for any tips ore answer if i´m just stupid or the game bugs in some reason with that