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  1. [Update] Proxy Servers

    Of course, everything works as intended. That's the reason why online on the website was changing each time I got dc. From say 1600 to 350, and then back to 1500.
  2. [Update] Proxy Servers

    'See you in game!'
  3. Remember it's best to kill mobs during the weekend (2x exp points). Also, try to join some XP legion for a little exp boost. Leveling plan: 1-9 - Get your Marchutan weapon. Remeber you can take only 2 weapons, so e.g. ranger take 2x bow and fuse it at level 10. Kill mobs in Ishalgen, follow the path to Munin. At lvl 9 do the Ascension quest. 10-21 - Create your new weapon. Add manstones, Idian and a Godstone. Enchanting your weapon is optional. Use Berdin's amulet, kill mobs in Altgard. Start in the Black Claw Outpust, follow the path to the Zemuru's Grave 21-25 - use Berdin's amulet, kill mobs in Morheim, Taran's Cavern 25-27 - use Berdin's amulet, clear Nochsana + quests 27-35 - campaign quests 35-40 - use Venerable Elim's amulet, clear Alquimia. Don't do regular blue quests, waste of time. Do only the pink quests. 40 - pink quests Alquimia and Steel Rake 40-43 - campaign quests 43-45 - regular blue quests in Beluslan at the Hoafrost Shelter, use Tea of Repose, it costs +/- 1.5kk each on the broker 45 - Campaign first. then the pink quests. Not the other way around. After that, Adma solo with Berdin Amulet 46 - pink quests Draubnir (don't do pink Draubnir quests before lvl 46 because quests from lvl 40 and 46 overlap each other) 50-53 - campaign Gelkmaros 53-65 - use Venerable Elim's amulet, 6x BT solo, 1st boss only. Boom, you're lvl 65, congrats! Regards, A mysterious Ranger
  4. I would say the weapon level is 55. I started to enchant it once with lv 85 stones and got good results. Any stones lower than 85 faled as hell
  5. How long will this last? When will we have a stable server again, as it used to be before the attacks?
  6. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    To be honest I like this idea. Now everyone can climb the ranking and develop in game, even the new players.

    Block set and MR set just forget those exist. You don't need it in pvp, you are not a cleric or chanter. For solo pvp sure, you can make 10 armor sets and 10 weapons but items won't carry you if you will make mistakes. For pvp, solo and group, all you need is dps set, get 1000 crit strike, 3000 accuracy, rest put attack. Use only dps stigma, don't go for Empyrean Providence, this stigma tree is useless as you won't have any damage. Keep in mind extend greatsword has very low attack and accuracy, so you need as well a mythic gs. Pull and chase with extend, switch to normal gs after pull or in close range combat. Get extend mace (for MB and MA) and use it only for stun, stumble and Cry of Ridicule->Courageous Shield. God forbidd to use it when you want to dps someone. - for solo switch BG for Unwavering Devotion Cheers
  8. Steel Rose Cargo - solo or group?
  9. Yea, I can play now without any problems. Thanks for help, and I appreciate your patience
  10. I'm sorry but I have no idea what are you talking about. How am I suppose to use µTorrent to update or check my game client? This should be done via game launcher, not the µTorrent.. Can you maybe please provide some screenshots fof this?
  11. I'm sorry but I don't understand... Launcher torrent..? Separate torrent client...? I'm downloading now the game client using the uTorrent program. What should I do next?
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried to fix it as u said above with the torrent client, but i didnt change anything. I still get this long error message. Now I cant even update the game... Should I just reinstall the game?
  13. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Steel Rose Cargo Group was dropping 6 boxes per run. Today it drops only 3 boxes. Why did you change it..?
  14. I still get the send log, unfortunately. I tried to do the file check today, but I got some very weird error message. I have no idea what does it mean, Does any one have a clue..?