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    Really? Time to obtain? 0 drop ancient coins in 4 runs and you said is normal? Insane arguments ... but its okay, a set to lvl up is a "GOOD" help for new players
  2. Hello, I created this post because I’m a new player and see that the chance to evolve on the server is very difficult for those who are just starting out, i'm trying to get Ancient Coins and in 2 RUNS i didn't drop ANY ANCIENT COIN, how can i play on a server like this that doesn't help a new player? The truth is that buying kinah for real money makes progress faster and this leaves the server FULL P2W, with no chances for those who want to play honestly, the reality of this server is sad...
  3. My character (Aurian) is bugged on geodata, i tried use scroll/escape/return but not works, please teleport me to obelisk ty