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  1. Shop items

    since there many new emotes and things got added and possibility to add: [item:188508047]
  2. Shop items

    yeah if u press ont he link itself its nto working, only if u copy paste them into new tab its working its sad about the Gift Ribbon and Neon Star Shild its one of my favorites about the effects i can understand, maybe u can find a solution somehow there to be able to add them at a point too the prones skins would be so amazing :3 all skins which will get added its so great *_* ty so much <3 will be happy to see them in future 1 question about the RST Weapons as Skins too, since the white version is already in the shop, i didnt got the answer since i would like to get the mace as skin on glad and a glad cant take a mace out of the box ty alot again <3 have a great time
  3. Shop items

    hey idk if its possible to add some of those skins but here some wishes from me: Cat Cape: Warm Panda Padding: Complete Kumiho Outfit: Weda's Sunday Best: Gift Ribbon: Magnificent Peacock Feather Outfit: Prone's Skins (Weapon and Armor):'s&go=Go Prigga Legion's Weapon Skins: Exclusive Slayer Weapons: Shugo Ranger Juwel: Neon Star Shield: Cherry Tree Wings: Anabell Wings: i know a long list but maybe somethign could at least been added into the shop
  4. Shop items

    hey, i would like that the IO/RST weapon skins would be in the shop too. since there are the already the white version of it but the black one not and for example as glad is u want dagger/mace u cant get the mace from the box out of it
  5. if u wanna evoid to much time with building and things, u have to organice it well example watch the camp and make a +/- camp timer like this: but yeah at the main time on ely are like 11 swb premades and on asmo 12 so as soon as camp turns u have like max 3min time or u get over runned from the other fraction lets say u would put a permanent gate at like this location: its still next to the camp, and the npc for the quest is still there where it is. this could evoide i think this 3min entry window and could be a option, yes but the pvp will still stay, it will just split up the premades abit up. and about camp timer reduction, 10-15 is to low the better solution for this would be at list 20-30min, so it wouldnt be totally fucked up but still fair
  6. Ruining SWB Alliance

    I think most ppl saw it anyway on LFG with shouting but i still wnated to make information here too. But dont invite Altfour/Zouma in any grp or alliance at all. He rolling things away and want ppl to fail instances.
  7. [Works] Summer breeze

    IGN: Velora, Ely