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  1. WTB or WTT asmo +5 mboost plume

    WTb +5 attack plume or WTT +5mboost plume to attack
  2. Is this player hacking? Name: Szecret

    Szecret.... Definetly everythink is well. Atombomb is well 😂😂
  3. I want change my plus5 mb feather to plus 7. I have 1kkk ppus 2 tempering.
  4. Some things

    Hello. I want to clarify in advance, I didn’t come to tease. But there are a few things that need to change. 1. drop rate. i tried brop boost and without. there was no significant difference. tia eye no key. i farming to mob in 1 hour and the difference is only 1 key with drop boost. world drop is empty. in sauro little bit more but not much. and drop boost for a month is 350 e coin ... considering this ... why should i buy it ?? Other is mannatorne enchant rate. yesterday i use 112 normal attack 5 mannastone in pvp part and all is broken. just with socketing is possible. for me little bit paytowin. I really don’t want to tease but considering the competition I feel like a few things could be changed. maximum respect.
  5. elios assa hacking

    Soulsista elios assasin is use hack. after and before i not lagging just when he start attacking me. ping is the normal 15-20 then 500. not fair.
  6. Accidentaly discarded AP part of armor

    I think he dont have because he try to relog. And he hope after is back missing part. ( He my friend) poor guy in moment is little but upset because +10 part with composite mannastone is left 🤣🤣. If possible please help to him
  7. Can't donate using card?

    Hello. Me too. I want donate but i cant..... Look like no need 🤔🤔 okeeee
  8. QQ encounters

    Better problen is big bug in the game. The all red caracter is attacking me.....
  9. Server restart

    Dear admin. i have bid respect. the normaly i dont care the 7 day roll back. but in last 6 day i make lvl 65 my cleric i buy for cleric full ac and kahrun gear. plus i buy lot of snowflake and im lucky because i have 2 dragon lord weapon chest. that is, it was just. and this one is little bit lot of missing staff. possible any compensation? i know not everything but if missing this , big big damage for me
  10. Aion patch version

    The 4.7.5 is really the best pach. I preffer that one if possible. But need asking management os possible or not. But i think no because little bit difficult move to on that pach the player account database
  11. Server unavailable (10/03)

    Guys i hope everybody is come down. just my think. im software anginier so i have some idea whats coming up. 1, all data untouched and fresh.= easy restart 2. data is little bit damaged . some things are missing. from account. if have this situation need make ticket with what missing and admin is give to you and after everything is fine (500kkkkkkkk and +10 magic boost feather 10 piece from my warehouse and half million ancient coin is well ) ok just joke!! only real ask is possible. definetly! 3. Too much data is missing or everything. because the problem is for server no need fire for damage. enough the steam or temperature. but in this situation for developer and admin team is have lot of option. i think is the real: 1.The E coin is easy way if need full reset. Restore the all e coin for all account. i understand is money back is not possible but restore e coin for account is yes. And i think (hope) the management is know if no money refund and no restore e coin a large number of official reports are received immediately. because lot of ppl is buy terrible quantity ecoin . and after if the management is say: oohhh sorry guys thx for money no refund money no refund e coin good luck is no way. and other think. for developer team and for owner is have 1 more option. the avatar caracter option.Every account is possible 1 or more avatar caracter. instant lvl 65. i think this is best way. is need server reset 1 or 2 avatar caracter for all acount and e coin refund. i preffer this way. i hope coming up this way because lot of ppl i have maxed account. with lot of money. why playing? if server reset is coming up have new target. have reason why playing.
  12. Server unavailable (10/03)

    i think he mean give back e coin.
  13. Server unavailable (10/03)

    if you are not admin or developer you dont know.
  14. Server unavailable (10/03)

    Oke oke i understand but wich backup? From yesterday or from last week? Or from last month?