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  1. disbalance growing

    yeeeee, 10% buff OP against triple amount of elys. haha. Wed need 100% to compensate that. And Im not crying just stating a fact that all elys in AP now and asmos in BM, very fair huh?
  2. disbalance growing

    I saw a topic from October regarding elyos domination and Admin replied "changes should come and we wait and see" 2 months later elyos dominating everywhere and their numbers triple of asmos. Asmos not interested in sieges anymore, we make no alliances since we know we r too few and we wont be able to get any fort. Thus Im asking how are small asmos should be getting gear (cera medals) if we do not hold any fort for months. Anyway the game became depressing, lacking, no excitment (maybe for elys only), elys coming back but not asmos. Asmos rather go to other server or just quit it. I hope u can find a solution soon and not write me "it doesnt depend on us blah blah". As a hint I can say that on other servers asmos get pvp buff during siege time so they could balance elys dominating numbers. I understand admins like playing elys and dont mind domination but lets be fair? Thank you for a positive answer
  3. EOB server is not avaliable also
  4. [Screeshots] Christmas Moments!

    Nickname -Meowlin, Asmodian