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  1. Drop rate changes

    I'm not on discord, but this would actually explain my findings. Are these new changes applied from today 07.10.? Becouse then I owe an apology for my post.
  2. Drop rate changes

    I've been farming BT for two weeks now, 1-2 runs per day for Execration materials. Killing the same exact monsters every time. I get 4-5 mats and 8kk wort of stuff every time. Today I got 2 mats and 2.1kk stuff without opening the 7 day drop boost. You can explain away a lot of things with bad luck of drop but not this. Trust me I know statistics. My question is when will rates changed back? Though I'm not expecting any truethful answers. And my explonation to this: you try to encourage people to buy drop packs after the 7 day "gift" period. I feel cheated and lied to. Thanx
  3. Latency issues

    Hi After 6 pm the game is unplayable for me and my friend. Anyone else having the same issue? In the morning/early afternoon we have 80 ping. After 6-7 pm its 900-1300. Can you do something about this?