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  1. Hey there, Today, I Have buy a Mythic Class Hyperion Weapons Chest in the Agent. Then, i have unpacked the Chest, i play Gladiator. Then i become a sword?! WTF? Can i change the sword to a polearm, polearm is fpr a gladiator? Thank you
  2. Hey, I need your help and knowledge.... I will craft a weapon. But i don,t no , how i can farm this Materials: -Ancient Red Crystal -Razor Crystal -Deadly Razor Crystal Can anyone help me, where can i buy / farm it? In the Agent, this things are to expensive and often not available... Thank you so much, Greetz
  3. Hello, My english is not the best, sorry about. I noticed, that this Server have many Problems with the factions.... . For me, it,s incomprehensible, why everyone can take charakters of both factions?! This is not good. I am playing Elyos, and i experienced often, that elyos and asmo play together, in the eye or by Siege ore something. Also versus the self faction..... And, both sides trade with each other , that,s not good for the faction. Then, i don,t understanding what we have Problems with the balance at the two factions, it,s clear when evereyone can have accounts at both sides?! My suggestion: ONE FACTION BY ONE IP ADRESS, I think it takes the problems easier.... thank you,
  4. Suche Legion

    Hallo, welches level habt ihr den?
  5. *LEGENDARY* Deutsch

    Hallo! Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen *Legendary* ins Leben zu Rufen. Ich habe Jahrelange Erfahrung in Aion, daher suche ich jetzt Mitspieler und Gleichgesinnte um die Legion auf zu bauen! Du solltest ab 21 jahre alt sein, und wenn möglich Abends AKTIV Spielen.... . Also wirklich aktiv, mein Ziel ist es eine Deutsche Legion aufzubauen, dazu brauche ich ein Team :-) Und am besten level 65 sein ;-) TS ist leider noch nicht vorhanden, aber könnte man auch zur Not via Disord machen wenn ich Mitstreiter finde..... . Ich freue mich auf eure Nachrichten ;-) Im Spiel heiß ich Arkansas Grüssle ;-)
  6. Report Player

    Here a simple example, the question about , why the sieges are all blue? It,s not okay, when abaot this queation we become this answere.... . See at the screenshot.... (It is in German, he/she means, Shut up, get lost......abot a simple question? and than, i become now the answere from this player, report me! What is he/she? God?! It just doesn,t work so!
  7. RACISM at this Server!

    Hello, I, am a new Player on this Server, i am from Germany. And i am shocked, about the Racism at this Server! I search for a instance, yesterday, it have works. we work the instance in english, no problem. But Today, i search for a other instance, that have not worked in English. Then i search for Players in german Langue, for German people, in the hope that works. An then, of 15 minutes, i become news, that was not okay... . I must blocked in then 15 minutes 4 Players about racism! I should not talk german, i should have to talk english?! Okay, fine, but, whats with the other languages every day that i read in the chat? Polish, turkish, russian, and more and more. But i, i don,t it? What is here wrong? I am attacked about that i speak German? Thats not Fair and not okay! And, i tried in english, but it did not work in english, to search members for the instance..... . Thank you all, Greetings, Major