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  1. Stigma

    There is no problem with that quest, did that on 4 characters, friends did them as well.
  2. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    with mentor u can get 65 in 5-6h not 8 . Besides mentor works only till 45 or so
  3. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    You can make 1-65 in 8 hours so what's to cry about ? Just donate 10 euro or so.
  4. Will there by planed some changes for class side ?

    Event in danaria did bring back pvp at this map actually. Now we only need admins to increase GP for daily pvp quests or make sth like 1 cera for 30 ely/asmo kill in katalam/danaria
  5. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Decreasing amount of chests and lowering % for ts to drop. Simply epic. To be fair maybe those who dropped it should have it removed ?
  6. Asmo WTB Magic Plume +5

    Paying with Kinah or ecoins
  7. Polskie Skurwysyny

    Aktualnie szukamy Glada/techa i sorca lub Sm
  8. problem of class balance

    Point is there is no point in keeping x1 rates and promoting 3.0 content while there is 3.5 server running with 2k online xD. Most asmo who played pvp went there.
  9. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Even with this items it still takes time, especially on melee classes who can't solo instances
  10. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    What shit u talking about, I am 65 lvl and I buy at least 1k coins weekly
  11. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    You do realize though, unless you do something about exp rates this server ur die and it is your business. There is huge gear gap already and due to low online why new players should come here ? Most of them will choose either destiny or other private server with higher online where you can find ppl all time on low lvl and do instances and stuff together. You can see ppl spamming on low level instances all day, no one joins and they quit. Many ppl did quit already to 3.5 and unless you do something to attract new ppl this server will die and ur money along with it. Running a private server is like a business, and in business you need to respect ur clients. Well you could ignore it also but with 700 online during peak times, I don't think its a good idea.
  12. EOB/Kamar Battlefield

    any reply from admin ?
  13. problem of class balance

    If you need full abg to kill elyos, please uninstall this game.
  14. problem of class balance

    yeah right, we have so many asmo in full abg set and weapon so what are u talking about ? Also I make 100-150k AP every siege so what bullshit are u talking about ?