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  1. 3rd party programs

    Sadly yes, yet they don't allow shugo console. OP logic.
  2. and his Imaginary Friends

  3. Annoying Panda Candy

    Then is it possible to add a candy for even 3x price that doesn't change appearance?
  4. Annoying Panda Candy

    Why adding a new skins then if u force entire server to run in stupid panda?
  5. Annoying Panda Candy

    What exactly?
  6. Japanese Voices in 2 steps !

    Sadly you are wrong. Japanse>Korean bro.
  7. Annoying Panda Candy

    Please contact a good programmer who can create .cancel command. Calculate the cost and open donation for this. There is plenty of players who dislike it and I believe if everyone who hates it, donates 5-10 euro, it will cover its cost easily.
  8. Legion

    MMO are not for children, all they do is destroy other ppl's game.
  9. Powrót na stare śmieci

    napisz do mnie w grze
  10. Legion

    Because of ppl like you I was forced to change my legion name twice. Can't you just enjoy the game?
  11. Behavoir

    ppl are shittalking about me everyday, I guess I should start making daily forum topics about each one of them
  12. Double Account

    Feeding is allowed too? Well no one was banned for feeding on sieges so I guess its legal.
  13. Please make mounts storable in warehouse

    how about pet?
  14. changing faction ticket ?

    Ranking in AIon made sense only when u could get AP only for PVP, till 2.0 patch or so if I remember well.