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  1. Szukam Polskiego legionu

    pm Chandris in game
  2. cheter

    Ban ppl for using synapse finally.
  3. Acces to upper abbys instances for both races

    Put all instances in sanctum so u can do pve 24/7 w/o leaving a town once.
  4. cheter

    Are u retarded ? Gunner can reach atk spd cap in bm gear. xDDDD
  5. Shop items

    Can u add more hairstyles to shop? Especially 5.6 ones 😍
  6. teaming in glory

  7. Stigma

    There is no problem with that quest, did that on 4 characters, friends did them as well.
  8. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    with mentor u can get 65 in 5-6h not 8 . Besides mentor works only till 45 or so
  9. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    You can make 1-65 in 8 hours so what's to cry about ? Just donate 10 euro or so.
  10. Will there by planed some changes for class side ?

    Event in danaria did bring back pvp at this map actually. Now we only need admins to increase GP for daily pvp quests or make sth like 1 cera for 30 ely/asmo kill in katalam/danaria
  11. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Decreasing amount of chests and lowering % for ts to drop. Simply epic. To be fair maybe those who dropped it should have it removed ?
  12. Asmo WTB Magic Plume +5

    Paying with Kinah or ecoins
  13. Polskie Skurwysyny

    Aktualnie szukamy Glada/techa i sorca lub Sm
  14. problem of class balance

    Point is there is no point in keeping x1 rates and promoting 3.0 content while there is 3.5 server running with 2k online xD. Most asmo who played pvp went there.