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  1. Why sometimes there is no mail with reward ? Yesterday we went with 4 ppl and none of us got a mail with a reward.
  2. .Cancel command

    Please make it possible like in other servers to use .cancel to remove image of panda and other candies. It's stupid that half or server is running on Pandas. Candies have nice stats and you are kinda forced to use them but that way skins are useless and you are loosing money because of that.
  3. LEVEL UP FAST 1-65

    You dont need to do even 1 quest. Pop amulet and 1-10 is 15 min. I did only belusian campaign for draupnir cave and thats it ;d
  4. Yeah now only need daily in katalam/danaria, for example kill 20 ely for 100 gp and there will be open world pvp
  5. Great Job, it really is a surprise that you finally did something to reward players for PVP. Keep at it
  6. Server Time

    Will server time change due to winter time ?
  7. Choose the light side and get gifts!

    You were right about 50 players difference, 0 Elyos 50 Asmo on Siege
  8. serious sockets error at the shop

    You can get manastones on broker, either way you spend shitload of kinah on them or just socket 100%. One person can get 5 on all try, second one will burn 300kk and socket nothing. It's all matter of luck and as you can see manastones on broker are selling well, especially hp block mb crit due to high demand even though there is 100% socket.
  9. Choose the light side and get gifts!

    Then take those drastic measures, either you are cheating with elyos online or there are asmo boxes for feeding. You can see influnce ratio atm, I am sure it's not because of 50 ppl, right ?
  10. serious sockets error at the shop

    i rather pay than failing mb/ma composites. You can enjoy failing them, hf.
  11. Choose the light side and get gifts!

    Allow, transfer from asmo to Elyos, thx.
  12. Block Asmodian's Character Creation.

    Transfer to Ely side and problem is solved.
  13. Transfer to Elyos Side

    Then solve this problem in any other way. Transfer was a suggestion. Come to today's sieges and you will find all top 50 asmo feeding themselves.
  14. Transfer to Elyos Side

    OK since you don't give a shit time to make my own sin on Ely side and feed myself since it's the only way to get 300 gp. Thx for help.