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  1. As the title states. Supposedly they are unlocked at level 45 but my level 47 toon has not received anything yet and apparently nothing works. Any solution for that? Blackwall
  2. Dude. What? Please try this again and inject a metric ton of sense into your post. Thank you.
  3. Donation Methods

    No, paypal does not currently work. Will it again in the future? Nobody knows.
  4. Cube expansion

  5. punishment

    Thing is, they explicitly stated that "macros are not bots" and refused to ban people that really went above and beyond in abusing those macros in the past. The most well-known aether bot characters are active to this very day because 'there is not enough proof'. So handing out a punishment in this case but not in others is hypocritical. Either you enforce that on everyone or no one.
  6. Rank Bug

    Officer 1* currently starts around 2.300-ish GP on Elyos side.
  7. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    "You don't even deserve to participate in this event. Go and farm kinah elsewhere and buy the items that I get from the event." Wow okay there pal, pretty exclusionary, isn't it?
  8. >talks about being oh so skilled >isnt even skilled enough to know he won't be hitting jack shit in instances without a certain threashhold of accuracy reached hmm
  9. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Chest events are, as usual, only for people that already mostly completed their gear. The rich get richer.
  10. Enchantment rate in EuroAion

    For eternal equipment you need a stone at least 40 levels higher than the gear piece (ex. 105 for level 65 AP armor) and 50 levels higher for mythical gear (ex. 115 for 65 Hyperion armor) to get maximum success rate without using supplements.
  11. Problrm with Panda candies.

    It seems that the maintenance switched out the type of candy you get from the boxes. Before it was an Elyos/Asmodian only version and now its no longer bound by faction. Which is great but also not since they now take up 2 spaces in my inventory instead of one. But the others disappearing? I've checked all my characters on both factions and mine are all still there. Weird, man.
  12. Maintenance 11.09

    I've noticed that "[Event] Transformation Boxes" you get every so often now give a different kind of candy which is useable by both factions it seems? Thats, uh, great but also kinda annoying since they do not stack with the existing candies which I've piled up quite a few of. One more inventory slot is permanently wasted now it seems.
  13. People don't want to carry around dead weight. And for IS specifically you are dead weight until you hit 2.9k physical or 2k magical accuracy respectively. That's why you are asked about your items.
  14. Cube expansion

    Just a quick question regarding the "[Expand Card] Expand Cube Ticket (lvl 4)" from the shop: How many times can this be used on a single character? I assumed it to be three times which got me to 4 full cubes + 1 row in cube 5 (bought all expansions in game and did all Shugo quests, too). But I feel like I should be able to get the last two rows as well, no? Can I use two more tickets to complete the fifth cube once and for all? Blackwall
  15. Did you run with an Aethertech, perhaps? They reduce Magic Suppression by 500.