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  1. Shugo Console

    That is intended.
  2. Spear Statues Quest

    No, that one must be crafted by each player.
  3. [event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    Spot on quality analysis of the way PvP works in ths game. Yesterday we lost a 3v5 with our group (mostly but not all BM yet) against 2 almost maxed out Sorcs and their Cleric because they just 1-shot both our healers (and, uh, literally everyone else from our group), Suppose we are just bad at the game, then?
  4. [event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    Oh I can't help but notice how rich that is, coming from the guy that wanted to take the PvP out of the SWB garrison. All we are saying is, that this event flawd in a sense because entry to the Eye is restricted by winning sieges (which are subject to the ever growing faction imbalance) and favors older players (who, coincidentally, usually already have more gear and more Kinah).
  5. [event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    No one asked for free ones, but as Rizella stated - this will most likely end up with geared people fighting each other over keys while newer players have zero chancec to survive against them. A way to get them through PvE (except for Sillus Danuar Mysticarium [which is 99% Elyos owned anyways] and Sauro) would benefit all players, not just the ones that have been playing here for god-knows-how-long.
  6. Elyos char create

    My dude, just read this announcement.
  7. How do you propose people that just want to do their weekly garrisons for Blood Marks are going to kill an Ultimate level warcaptain? An Elite version would do nothing against the "problem" you are referring to so it would have to be ultimate. People would need alliances for their undergeared twinks in order to get those 20 Blood Marks every week. Sounds pretty shitty? Yeah, cause it is.
  8. Closing Elyos characters creation

    We'll see how this works out in the end, but hats off to you for actually taking action against the shifting balance. And a rather drastic one at that. I really was not expecting anything so soon.
  9. Suggestion - Faction change ticket

    Y'all might be a bit alarmist, but what do I know. Gotta agree with the general sentiment of the thread here, though. Since me and my friends started playing here (as Asmodians, if this wasn't obvious) our faction only conquered a couple lower Abyss forts and the occasional Roah or Asteria Fortress. This means we have no KKM, no UAS, no DM (Sillus) and about 1/3 less Ceranium medals overall from sieges. The net AP loss can be around 500k or more per week, depending on how your RNG goes. This is a huge difference and as a consequence I don't think I've seen a single day without anyone wanting to trade all their Kinah and/or items for Elyos ones ever since I started. It's actually kinda depressing. Of course this has to do with no one taking up the flag for Asmodians and leading siege but on the other hand I also don't think it's entirely the player at fault. Elyos were always the more 'desireable' race, thats why Asmodians required some incentives all throughout AIONS history. Any admin making it this far into my paragraph, please consider giving people some kind of.. enticement to play Asmodians again. Not just a 7-day mount at level 10.
  10. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    The reason behind this being?
  11. Server fried up

    As title says. Monsters and NPCs do not register player presence, loot is currently not possible and overall everything besides the chat seems pretty frozen. People are really angry about Steel Rake right now from what I've gathered.
  12. chat.log

    I was contemplating using UKMeter until I saw that ARM is also supported for this server. Manually creating a chat.log file did not do anything for me so i had to edit the system.cfg file by adding the line you mentioned. I'll see what a recreation of the file does.
  13. chat.log

    Got it working, thanks. But now another, uh, "problem" arose. My chat started displaying messages about receiving or spending anything (e.g. Kinah from quests, broker transactions and picked up items) in a weird way. For instance, I just picked up a stigma from my mailbox and instead of the usual message i got "::ItemLoot::character name::<Stigma Name>". This happens with each and every single item or amount of Kinah i receive or trade/spend away. Any clue on how to revert this?
  14. chat.log

    Hey, I was wondering if any DPS meter is working on this server and was redirected to a french one. This DPS meter however is unable to locate the chat.log file needed for any of those applications to work. Does anyone know where to find this elusive file on the client used here? Regards