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  1. General tips: - When questing, always do quests for your level, or max 1 level below. Press locate and track quests who are clustered together so you maximize efficiency. Don't go for quests 2 and more levels below. - Don't bother with professions/gathering. It's not that they're not worth it, but they'll drastically decrease your leveling speed and chances of reaching/experiencing endgame. - Pay attention to dark blue quests while you level, they will lead you to points of interest (stigma master, bank, new dungeon, etc) and sometimes special rewards (inventory expansion, greater stigma slot unlocks, etc). - Keep attack speed and movement speed scrolls active at all times, you'll get plenty while you level. - "hold group" means someone will hold a group for somebody else. This is required because you need to be in a group with another person even if you want to solo a group instance. You can solo a leveling dungeon that was originally designed for a full group because your character is so strong while leveling. - On the weekends, while leveling, prioritize your time in killing mobs (running dungeons) because of the 2x XP bonus during weekends, this can and should be comboed with increased XP tokens that the game gives you. - Pay attention to pink quests (also known as growth quests) - These are usually groups of quests that'll lead you to a dungeon. They are often available in multiple quest hubs and fortresses, you can't miss them. - Campaign quests should not be ignored, but don't go out of your way to just complete a campaign quest. Combine it with regular blue/repeatable quests. If you've overleveled a campaign quest, skip it. - You will not get any armor/weapon upgrade that's worth equipping until (at the very least) level 55, so don't bother looking at gear, except accessories. - Most important tip: Change the appearance of your gear in the main city while leveling or you'll go crazy looking at your character dressed in wedding attire. Leveling tips: 1-9: Equip OP weapon at lvl 1 (game gives you), skip all quests and just 1-shot mobs while you run to the Ascension quest giver (Pernos for Elyos, Munin for Asmos) - then do the ascension quest. 10-16: Equip OP armor at lvl 10 (game gives you). Do regular questing for your respective area (Altgard for asmos, Verteron for elyos). 16-20: Solo instance Haramel, try to pick up quests around the area that lead you there. Stay outside the dungeon for around 10 mins before you re-enter for it to reset. 20-25: Do regular questing for your respective area (Morheim for asmos, Eltnen for elyos). 25-30: Solo Nochsana Training Camp (easy dungeon, great XP) - you can teleport to this dungeon from the main fortress in Morheim/Eltnen. 30-35: Skip Fire Temple, do regular questing for your respective area (Morheim/Beluslan for asmos, Eltnen/Heiron for elyos). 35-37: For asmodians only, solo Alquimia Research Center. Elyos will have to quest up to lvl 37. 37-40: At 37 you can solo Kromede's Trial (at least twice because some new quests unlock after the first run). For Asmos, at lvl 40, pink quests for Alquimia Research Center open up and you can go back there one last time to finish those. 40-45: Combine Steel Rake duo runs with regular questing in Beluslan/Heiron. 45-50: Solo Theobomos lab in Brusthonin (easy dungeon, great XP). 50-53: Quests in Gelkmaros for Asmos, Inggison for Elyos. 53-65: Duo Beshmundir Temple (by far the fastest way to level).