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  1. Discord Ban for this?!

    yes i understand
  2. Discord Ban for this?!

    I apologize for my wrongdoing in public and want to get unbaned from dc. next time I do it better. I need to write this here because no answere from support or pm here in forum.
  3. Discord Ban for this?!

    for the first comment i get muted for 2 hours but this is just sad. i was mad about this situation. i found out that almighty want to give the ppl back their money for the scrolls if they contact him and thats a good move, i can live with that. i used no rl money but the nerf after a week is just a scam for me and for the ppl who cashed in. I would be satisfied and have nothing more to criticize.i demand to be unbaned, otherwise i will turn my back on this server and stop supporting it
  4. Discord Ban for this?!

    I got banned from dc without a warning for this. Rly? I wrote a E-Mail to Support and to Forum Admins, no answere, srsly? Other ppl insult as hell and they don't get banned? This is ridiculous!