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  1. Alt-Tab and FPS issue

    Hello, I am looking for solutions about 2 problems. 1st problem : When Alt-Tabbing or try to change the graphic settings, a black screen appears. I've tried all the solution suggestions but the problem still exists. -I did everything have mentioned here : The problem still exists. - I did all the suggestions here: I've activated "windowfullscreen" in "SystemOptionGraphics.cfg" file and now, I can alt-tabbing but still cannot change options and use some in-game contents. The problem only exists in this game and one of my friends have the same problem(he has the same system as mine) CPU:Ryzen 3600x GPU: 5600xt RAM:16gb ,win10 2nd problem: FPS is always "60" but "Fixed FPS" option is not marked. Thanks in advance.