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  1. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    no understand this here ;/
  2. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    Thx for paypall love ya is work now!
  3. DONATE? Again no work.

    I see many ppl use here paypall mode to pyment now is again problem ;/
  4. DONATE? Again no work.

    Hello everyone, is it only me who has a problem with Paypal? because it's not 1 time such something happens, someone can tell me what's going on because other payment options are not possible in my country
  5. Paypal down (again)

    Me to cant use paypall so sad
  6. Polski Legion Poszukuje nowych graczy

    można dalej pisać jak ktos szuka zapraszamy
  7. Legion Watch Your Back rekrutuje aktywnych graczy! Zapraszamy do naszych szeregów! Oferujemy wspólne wypady na instancje i pvp ną grę bez ciśnienia!oraz posiadamy discord zainteresowanych Prosze o napisanie tutaj lub w grze!!! Zapraszamy!!!! Generał Brygady:Meloniidas Trybun:Cichaczek Centurion:Barderx ZAPRASZAMY SERDECZNIE PISZCIE ŚMIAŁO!!!
  8. DONATE?

    Paypall work ppl
  9. Donate Problems

    paypall work all is work GG GM
  10. DONATE?

    Today there is no paypal option so far, it can be repaired later
  11. DONATE?

    I have a problem with donate because yesterday there was an option to pay through paypall and today it disappeared? what could happen
  12. How to donate

    hello Paypall Options is gone in website ?? dont see again that options what can be happen?