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  1. Teaming in Glory Arena

    It actually does, because the bard in question has a fully socketed MR set and the Aethertech couldn't hit him. So any logical player would focus the person they can hit instead of the person that counters them with a MR set.
  2. Teaming in Glory Arena

    I don't think what I wrote is hard to understand
  3. Teaming in Glory Arena

    Does that also count for the round where you intentionally focused him?
  4. spawn time fix

    I was running round with my level 40 sm but go off
  5. spawn time fix

    It would be nice if you'd also add "I kill the people running around in that area so that I can farm the mobs myself" You ain't slick, sis
  6. Tempering Solution is never enough!

    The question is, is there a 50% chance of dropping or is the chance to drop a tempering solution raised by 50%? Because that's two different things, no matter what the event description says - it clearly doesn't feel like the drop chance is at 50%.
  7. Can't get the acces to Kromede Trial's

    I have the same issue on my Chanter. The name is Mantrarochen