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  1. So like the tittle says, can it be taken into consideration to put permanent aion's chosen in the shop ? with the paypal option being off and on all the time and so constantly, sometimes i can't donate to get the tittle, and i think i can speak for a lot of players too.
  2. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    I can't believe that you people closed the paypal option just because of some troublesome wussies demanding refunds for whatever god knows reason wtf, this has an easy fix by just making everyone sign some sort of contract before someone make a donation via paypal clarifying that refunds are not going to be made by any means after you accept, this is not only affecting players, it's also afecting you as a ''company'' i think it's unnecesary to say that you've lost a lot of donation money due to this... hope you get to a solution soon, i personally need to buy my consumibles weekly and my drop boost packs from time to time to get some kinah, if this is not getting solved i might have to move on
  3. Paypal down (again)

    We all know that, but they keep insisting that we should use the other methods, they seem to not understand that the other methods don't work, and paying directly with card doesn't work either, paypal is the only viable way to go.
  4. Paypal down (again)

    So yeah, can't donate again, and need to get some stuff of the shop
  5. [event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    Long story short, this event is only suitable to high ranked geared people, no place there for BM plebs
  6. Closing Elyos characters creation

    You need to entirely close the creation of elyos characters for some time if a balance wants to truly be achieved, leaving it open for one hour won't change absolutely anything, people that likes to play elyos won't mind to wait and log in during that hour just to make one, besides, let's face it, we all know this problem is not about numbers, back in the day in NA Siel server, Asmodians were always outnumbered, but more skilled and organized, hell i can even dare to say they were more ''united'' and that's what always made the difference against numbers, but that's not the case here, EU high ranked players (mostly, not all of them) here are just lame, and i'm talking mainly about generals and above, too much selfishness around this faction
  7. So this is happening again, for who knows what reason when i try to open the game with exitlag, and i'm saying again because this used to happen back then, but it stopped and now it came back apparently, any solution for this ? other than PLAYING THE GAME WITHOUT EXITLAG because i'm playing from northamerica and i get atrocious and unplayable ping without it.
  8. So like, why did you guys disabled paypal ? is it going to return ? other payment methods such as paying directly with card aren't working at all.
  9. Donation via PayPal not available

    Same here ...... can't spend anything other than with paypal
  10. Tempering Solution is never enough!

    The only group version of steel rose dropping the solutioNs is going to be the deck ONLY ? or the other ones can be done in group as well ?
  11. Is spiritmaster ''nerfed'' somehow in this server?

    Good to know, thanks for the reply
  12. Asking because i used to play in a private server where sms used to be ''touched'' and some of their skills wouldn't work properly, are they fully functional here ?
  13. American players

    170 - 190 ms here

    I'm playing templar from central america with an average of 180 - 200 ms, and event though i'd kill for an extend, is still viable to pvp without them if you are not a clicker and you have a decent tracking, i imagine with less than 100 ms is still easier so, extendable isn't a must like the majority of people think
  15. Been without antivirus for about 10 years now, and never got a single virus or malware on my pc