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  1. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Lets examine that theory after having about 1 week of data from an elyos perspective: Price stable roughly since restart: 250kk~ Price before Event Elyos side broker: 360-375kk / Direct sales lfg I bought one, 2 days before the event at 320kk (which was considered cheap) Price now after 6 days of this event running and a lot of temperings having been looted: 399kk on broker !! buying requests around 370-390kk on lfg, cheapest Ive seen within the last week was at 350kk and that dude really needed kinah. so yea, that worked amazingly well, didnt it ? Next you'll talk about trickle down economics ? It was a valid theory but as so many of us obviously where afraid of, it did not work as you wanted it to and actually did the exact opposite. Why ? cause now those who are not in need of kinah wont sell and rather gamble on feathers etc. those who want kinah can milk the market and get even richer, those who want both can sell the other stuff from the boxes, get more kinah > pay more on tempering if they have to. This event made the problem worse in many ways.
  2. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    The Problem here is the big picture, its not about whether temperings are in an event or not, it also matter what the event is and who can reasonably expect to profit from it.Yes you aren't forcing anyone to participate but that excuse can be made for literally everything you do and is kind of mute. Events are the most efficent way for you as admins to adjust the ingame economy, ballancing etc. so when u use it you should also take into consideration what effects it will have on those variables. So yes, due to many ppl reaching the same level of gear temperings went up in price by a lot really quickly and correcting for that would help a more stable economy and the overall ballance. but this event is badly timed and chosen for this cause: A. target group is already endgeared maxed pvp players which currently really dont need another boost. B. Tempering prices may go down but the profit will be just pooled up in the same top players wallets so the overall economy just shifts even more towards them. C. Instead of making it possible for medium geared players to just get the tempering, you are now forcing them to keep buying them from the players who already have billions in wh. D. since everyone and their mum is now in need of kinah (as its the only way to get those temps unless u are zerging or got a pocket cleric and 5*) the E coin value also drops to the floor with current prices coming out at 10-13+€ per tempering even for those willing to donate in order to gear up. (elyos) The initial impuls of adding an event with tempering is great but it would have had to be one where the nubs can also get them, some kind of collecting shit or shugos or lottery or whatever crap would have worked as long as the tempering and entchant stone supply gets split across different gear and exp levels. That way you would: A. Keep the economy ballanced since the supply and demand for temperings would match more closely. (edit: I hope you are aware but the price for tempering on elyos side was stable for over a year before, so this is actually quite reasonable to expect) B. give new and gearing up players a chance at a starting fund from participating and selling. (temperings in events and drops are generally the best boost for new players as it brings in enough kinah to actually make a difference at most any step of gearing) C. give those who want tempering two options of either cashing in or grinding the event. D. would still get a boost in ecoin sells since many will chose the first option. (this includes me, I was all willing to spend a couple bucks on this since I work more atm, but the proposition of ~13€ a pop for temperings is just ridiculous) E. the likelyhood of high end players stockpiling the Temperings would be lowered a lot. (the same people as always will be keeping their temperings now expecting prices to go up again after the event, making the current prices artificially higher as well) F. give both sides equal chance of catching up with gear. so yea no idea how this shit isnt obvious tbh. but maybe just think of the overall impact you have with the event design next time instead of wondering afterwards why the changes you made aren't seen as good by your players, try to understand WHY they ask for something instead of just giving them whatever they shout for the loudest. oh btw. overall I think you are doing a good job with this server, just in regards to events you still seem to get it wrong quite often in this regard.
  3. GEARING GUIDE: A loners path to the top~

    Good general guide, might as well add 3 notes from stuff Im regulary asked: Clerics / Chants: KEEP THE FRIGGIN STARTER SHIELD ! its gg AF and can easily still be viable in all endgame in this patch. For secondary etc. Rentus is still an option but as main shield it does just fine and is free. Stigmas AP progression: The problem I hear most often "im 65 but can't afford needed Stigmas (bene,ele screen,glacial, whatever): so while a lot of the stuff above will also net some AP, one of the more underapreaciated ways is to go siege core and get 2-4 friends to do UAS rr3-5 once its ours and you'll have it in a couple runs. Kinah: Instead of blowing your savings on Tempering or Feathers as early as you can, keep in mind what benefits you actually get. Even if you already know you'll stick with BM Acces and plan to entchant them, wasting 300kk+ on 0.3 pvp def when your weapon is still socketed with white shit and +3 is completely senseless. Spend strategically, check what upgrades actually matter at what time. There is pretty much no reason to invest big into tempering or plumes before you finished your AP Armor and Weapon setup imo. On the same note, platinum coin quests are a good way to make some kinah while leveling efficiently before you are ready for BT, they sell between 50-60k on broker and you get loads from the quests in theo.
  4. Important information!

    German Cards also don't work, at least mine doesn't. Mastercard 3d Secure active etc. Please just get us some kind of useable way to give you money, this is getting ridiculous, I don't intend to put assets into crpyto just to buy ecoins here...
  5. Soulthefts dislike for dogs and grammar

    So for all the people questioning whether this is already insulting: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS YOUR BASELINE ??? srsly if "bastard, dog, braindead shit, fucking piece of shit" as an unprompted whisper isn't considered flaming and insulting, what is ? you need people to at the very least call my mother a whore or use some homophobic or antisemitic slang for it to count ? Just cause this is the kind of language you use at home doesn't mean its generally considered not to be an insult... If you're still not sure whether something qualifies : try saying it to a police officer or your gradeschool (just guessing here) teacher and see if they think its an insult...
  6. Soulthefts dislike for dogs and grammar

    Imagine how sad your life has to be that your language proficiency is at the level where the only word you recognize is "dog" ... braindead Bastard, fucking piece of shit... yea neither of those I consider alright in normal conversation... just cause your mate needs a chill pill to not flame people doesnt mean ppl should ignore childish shit like this.
  7. So on my way to swb today I met an Asmo SM called Soultheft, camp wasn't flipped yet, he died obviously (trying to rush with 2 allies waiting at camp) apparently he wasn't too happy that I rooted him on his way so not quite 5 min later I get some random ely sin called Tai whispering me "hi" , after asking what he wanted I was sent this amazingly well crafted piece of prose: "You are the biggest braindead bastard on this fucking world fucking dog piece of shit are you braindead or what why u fucking root me when im trying to fucking enter into swb 1v25 u are the biggest braindead bastard on this planet BRAINDEAD DOG" I would have replied but apparently he (just guessing) had already blocked me. Dunno, seems to me he didn't get the memo about this being faction v faction but what do I know... anyway thought this may merit at least some kind of punishment as I doubt this would be considered normal behaviour...
  8. End-Game Armsfusion

    Sry to dig up this old post but I just went through what was written about Ranger so far here and I thought I may as well add: Best case u got 3 bows actually. 2xpvp 1xpve Fuses as described above but different usecases, one with silence and one with blind, adjusted to whatever sets you are running with. Especially if u do a lot of 1v1 this is a game changer.
  9. Ranger Guide

    I don't think there is one ultimate ranger guide for 4.6 that includes everything important, but there are plenty guides from 4.0-4.5 and since 4.6 has hardly any massive adjustments to ballance or gameplay for Ranger above 4.5 I recon those should do just fine and are still valid for this patch. I'll link some guides here but be sure to check which guide corresponds to which patch since a lot has changed between 4.0 - 4.5 yet some of the basics I find are better explained in some of the older guides: Oldest guide which has still valuable info, check the general description of role and jumpshot etc, ignore stats and skills and builds etc. as most of it is horribly outdated: 4.0 Guides: good for basics but keep in mind that both stat requirements and skills have changed quite a bit with 4.5 : The only guide post 4.5 I know of but at the same time a guide which encorages a not so usual playstyle which may be way out of your league when trying to learn ranger at first (some of this is still a challange for veteran players I recon and while a fun experiment it will keep you back in terms of min max or efficiency) Still some really good insight: I actually thought of combining some of the stuff in those for a true 4.6 guide but I would prefer to do it in some kind of collaboration since I have focused too much on pve lately and do not feel like I should chime in on endgame pvp too much since I'm still no where near my form during 4.6 retail and there are many on this server who could probably contribute much more useful info. If you find guides for 4.7 those would also still be valid in this patch mostly but everything 4.8 and later is pretty much useless as the stigma system changed and many more things reballanced the Class. Hope that helps, if you play ely and have more questions just send me a mail ingame, name is the same.
  10. Christmas and New Year on EuroAion

    Just a thought after the first day but maybe consider upping the spawn rater for oriel / Pernon. Its a hard proposition for most to do a daily that takes ages to complete where the rewards are at best "meh" imo. I just spend roughly 40min walking through oriel and saw 1 ... getting to 3 a day at this point would probably at least take 1 1/2 hours which given you'd need to farm 12 Days for a wep skin seems kinda unreasonable even by aion event standards. Might just be my luck but if this is the norm I don't see many people taking part in that part of the event.
  11. [Event] Lucky Snowflake!

    Any plans to respawn the opportunity token trader for at least another week ? from what I remember they did so on retail as well with this kind of events, since the Broker is still full of flakes there are probably 1k+ opportunity tokens still to be traded in from people.
  12. Stigma Shard

    I believe you are just missing the point entirely I never said I was broke ingame either, again thats just your assumption, I currently have around 400kk and regularly make a couple hundred kk however thats not the point. The point is the ballance between the economy and the expense of a vital part of the game and how this ballance is supposed to look like and the current status quo. If your whole counter argument is "well I dont have this problem" then maybe just butt out and stop wasting time arguing a mute point. I am NOT here only for my self interest, while I get horribly annoyed each time I got to spend millions on shards that I usually would spend on actual gear progress, I can still play my main somewhat, I just have to go jmr on pve stigmas or swb on pvp etc. which is annoying as fuck and NOT what this game is meant to be like. @DevWolx Sure would be the best sollution but Im pretty sure the required work for that would be tenfold of just adding a pack to the cashshop. Also Im not even sure if they have that kind of editing capabilities in the engine they are running this on.
  13. Stigma Shard

    Sorry, still wrong first off: Im not some newbie who can't handle a Korean MMO, I played Lineage II before Aion and Aion since Beta and saw the endgame of both these games going to 5* on retail so yea, I know what I get into when launching the game. Also: I don't main Cleric, however I do have a 65 cleric and my main is ranger, so yea I know arrows where a thing, but I also remember the prices and how they where sold by VENDORS and not drop which is a CRUCIAL F***ing Difference -.- I studied gamestudies and economics at uni and I've even written papers about Aion so trust me when I tell you that Stigma Shards where never meant to be one of the main expenses of the game, which for many classes, if played as supposed to on retail, they currently are. The whole idea that this is "supposed to be like this" is absolutely insane tbh MMO economies in f2p games are always managed by 3 factors: Development of features, implementation of events and the cash shop. Since we are on a private server the first option is rather limited, leaving only 2 ways to manipulate the economy to match the gamedesign. One of these levers has to be used otherwise the game will drift further and further from what it wants to be (retail 4.6). The reason Clerics are taken as a main example is cause their builds are much heavier reliant on changing then eg. a gunner would be. However the problem effects more than just one class and thus changes the ballancing of the classes itself ALSO in pvp and pve content which can not possibly be something the devs want to happen. As you mentioned before, choosing cleric already is choosing the most expensive class, even without having to sink the equivalent of +5 entchants into stigmas daily...
  14. Stigma Shard

    Hi, I cant even tell you how wrong you are lets examine your reasoning here: Aion is a grinder mmo > correct, however every part of a game has different uses. Stigma Shards are in this patch as a so called money sink, some way of extracting currency from the market, similar to entchantstones, scrolls, pots, manastones. These Money sinks are meant to be ballanced. All moneysinks in this game are aimed at the broadest possible playerbase and meant to effect mostly the endgame players. If money sinks affect certain classes more than others, thats a bad thing. If money sinks themselves go out of proportion thats also a bad thing. And retail ALSO REALIZED THIS. Its the difference between programming a money sink and managing it. If you realize as a product owner, that mechanics don't work as intended on your specific deploy, you have to act on it. For Aion on retail, as rulai said, the shards where meant as a money sink but NEVER as a major investment since it would slow the progress of certain classes too much and dissadvantage only those who play the game as intended. Thats why after the market reacted to the bot banns they had to introduce them via the shop mechanic to NOT END UP LIKE THIS SERVER IS CURRENTLY! Thats also the reason the system was removed. And if you check the Kinah prices for Stigma change in 4.8+ you can easily figure out what kind of expense stigma shards where originally meant to be. Enough to make you think about switching but not enough to make a cleric go on heal stigmas for a week cause he can't waste 20kk on switching for arena. ANYONE who knows anything about how these games are made and what mechanics interact knows this so please stop talking about "you can just farm" "its meant like this"... its bullshit. its a broken system and even EA and GF knew this. Take an average day of Aion, if people go to instances and do pvp on a normal shedule (arena times, jmr, kbf,t dred) the daily stuff changes between pve and pvp content easily 3-5 times each day, thats 100kk if you really wanna play the game as intended by the retail devs.... so yea, just go farm 24h in order to play 1 day proper on cleric ... gg...
  15. Let's talk about stigma shards

    When I joined the potion and scroll prices on broker where ridiculous as well, that did change with the incomming mass of people, but stigma shards will not even out that way and are rather getting more expensive even. It makes an actual difference for a lot of classes and I already know ppl who rerolled cause they couldnt be arsed to spend 50kk+ a week to play their class like intended on retail. Its supposed to be a money sink, similar to shards and pots but atm its just out of Proportion since it hits some Classes MUCH harder than others. I dont care how its fixed, if by introducing some kind of regular event, upping the shard drop rate specifically, having some mechanic to buy shards at a fixed price or trade them in for something else which can be farmed, but the current status quo makes some classes pretty much unplayable as intended on your server which can not possibly be in the spirit of "retail like" you are going for. I personally see this as the single most pressing issue the server currently has, even more so than the downtimes due to ddos or the ballancing of races.