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  1. Hello Mods/Admins... some days ago, an idiot got access to a friends account (yes, it was his own fault and he isn´t the smartest guy from time to time..) and stole all enchantment stones, his plume, his kinah and extracted or deleted his complete Hyperion (atk 5 / cri 7,8) set and his +15 swb dagger. That char was nearly max geared. There is also video proof of his stats where you can clearly see that he was geared really well. But there is no refund, no help, no nothing. Not even +0, unsocketed gear, because he has no evidence of how the gear got stolen and because it was his own fault to leak his password. We did a lot of sin only runs etc. with him and now we all have to "suffer" because of this. To the "his own fault and no evidence of the extracting" reply. What about phishing mails ? It´s not how his account got destroyed, but we have no pin security, no 2-way authentificator or something else to lock our accounts! We are assuming now, someone writes phishing mails to the players: (Spoiler: He is one of those people, who would click on that link and getting fooled by that fake site) And then they go from this: to this: And all you will say is: Sorry, that was your own fault to type in your data and you have no evidence of how the gear got lost... Good luck I really enjoy playing here, but after this I feel really insecure, if I really want to put so much effort, time and money (That guy spend nearly 1500€) into a game with no backup and the risk, that everything is gone by an eyeblink and without the chance of getting it back. I really hate to say this, but gameforge support did really well in such things..
  2. 4,8 update ???

    I mean, can´t you just download a higher version 4.8+++ and extract the animations out of the .pak folders?
  3. Some people say, its not possible
  4. Hey guys, I tried Suro 1 Key by my own (Sin and my Cleric) Sadly I failed at the end boss, but it was my first try and I will get this c: When you want to watch me against the "sin boss" I will stream a full "solo" run soon.
  5. Hi guys Sauro 2 Key with 6 Sins Runa Nm with 1 cleric and 5 Sins Many thanks to Klumsi for his awesome heals
  6. Infinity Shard 6ppl

    Hey guys, we failed our 6ppl Infinity Shard runs twice because of stupid mistakes. Today (third try), everything was good and we did it with 30sec left. We played it "safe" this time and we think it´s worth to watch Much thanks to our awesome heals XamandaX and Judgement as well to our really good DD´s Zuce, Ammelys and Wiesenwiesel (Vies) We will try to do some more pve "stuff" in the future. With best regards Meilo
  7. Fishy sin

    Hi, nothing "fishy" about that. Sins can do aa/skill/skill/aa in one second. Depends on the skills tho. Could be possible that he has no ani, but you can not tell with rainmeter. Looks legit for me. Ps: When i do a self buffed 3min run on a dummy, i do 4hits/second on average... So it looks similar to this.