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  1. Maintenance 17.10.2019

    I hope 🙌
  2. Looking for eternal bastion premade

    I have 499 essencetapping too.
  3. Looking for eternal bastion premade

    5 star assassin looking for eb premade. experienced and good dps. nick : Ghost
  4. The game flickers in these places. How can i fix it?
  5. It would be nice to get some little event like 200% drop chance buff , so more people are farming. Any event would be nice
  6. Mmmarmalade ban

    no one cares
  7. give us medic event

    We need potions and scrolls. There is 0 on broker.
  8. My card is declined from spending money on the game shop. It says "The country of issue of the card is not included in the list of allowed" . Please help.
  9. Recharger

    Please add recharger admins