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  1. Closing Elyos characters creation

    go create asmodians we need some
  2. Top Race Kor Event

    degcube don't play anymore so No SM on asmodians Side
  3. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    you really retire this donjon from the List ? so what happen with people who get wings cuz they got 148145414494 alt for do SR ? and what happen yo people who don't get it cuz they got only 1 char ? that's unfair as fck now price of pick gonna climb so High you just ruin the entire event no one gonna run for it now that's a same cuz since you realease this event a lot of activity came to the serv now we are just all afk and wait Siege timer or Dred timer like always on aion Byw
  4. Run away with all the items

    So let me remind what's really happen he is been an assasin with 2 cleric we die on every both a lot of time like ( 3/4 time on every boss ) we recruit a Gunner ( who is really nice atm " pistolero" his is name ) i got 4KK dps on meter , kernue the ranger got 3.8kk the Gunner ( coming at drake boss) got 1.6KK dps Been got 800k on the entire Sauro !!!! we use abbysal pot on every boss for not dying and we kite every boss cuz even with 2 Cleric if i don't kite every boss i die we carry the entire sauro by 3 Ppl we do 2 boss without any heal just kite and pot healing so on last boss we take box and give it to the Gunner the ranger and myself evern on last boss of sauro we do it without healing and kite the boss for entire time and Btw all is stream so you can check easily what i say Korean = Nightmare ( i speak about the legion not the countries ) everytime you got a guys from korean on your pvp / PVE thing he gonna fail and be ussless so know they are all blacklisted and not only from our legion ask LFG you will see what people think when you recruit for get carried and you ninja all the loot in instance from past boss you got 3 eternal and keep rolling don't be surprise and don't put yourself to victim position Thx cya
  5. what happened with Ely?

    Thanks for the trust and the follow anyways i can't do anything without elyos so yeah we have to work together
  6. what happened with Ely?

    I'm Actually the " New Raid Leader " of Elysean Side ( WARNING : i'm French so my english is not so clear ) for being honnest i feel like some people are lost and don't even know how to move on the Katalam map or how Abyss Siege work ( TP / ARTIFACT / ...) we must train them and explain them how katalam garrison work and how tag it for prepare an siege well so i'm pretty confident for thing to change ( hope so ) but i think we did really well on katalam siege when we take Sillus and abyss siege yesterday when we finaly break aether field and made krotan dux to 75% i i'm on this serv since only 1 week now i'm only star 4 i'm not famous or anything else but we try to do the best as we can with my mate to lead the faction and another point i really expect so much more Xform from Elyos during siege we got something like 20Xform active and only 10 used on my command But as you said i need to build some trust beetween me and Elysean but i really hope thing gonne ba better soon i hope i gonna clear my misstake ( like yesterday i burn Hellfire for no reason and we lack it for the end of timer ) so what you think about what i said ?