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  1. Poll about Siege change/better ways

    Well as told before 1x planned lead - and we have a raid... tbh that was a raid where ely needed the buff - so why the hell u wanna destroy with such a change. Change would force PVE raids as well...
  2. Hey, i got somehow surprised by the poll for a change in the siegebehaviour..And I am wondering why i cant find the discussion about this here in Forum - but mb im just blind I would like to mentoin a couple of things about that. Polls in general are a nice thing. But of course it only works if ppl are able to know the consequences of their votes. In a situation like this - most will vote for a change because they dont like the actual situation - so they think any change is better, what is not always true. Desicions like this where most people dont know the consequences, and where it is hard to gess how it behaves should be decided by developers after discussing - and maybe done as test for a limited period first. In addition, this is a suggiestion to help balance in favor of asmodians. Why are there ely allowed to take part in that vote (they are more than asmos), when they might vote in their favor so the situation can become worse. (Dont wanna say all vote in their favor - but alot will do - or at least will vote what they think is in their favor) I would highly appreciate if this is discussed by community before getting into polls and done in a test period before permanent implementation. As far as I remember this change on Retail - the only positive effect was, that the beef between legions who gets a keep got reduced.Actually the Asmodian problem is not that they are not able to take a keep. The point is that they had no raidlead for month what results in less ppl joining raid. Today ppl were shouting asmos will have a raidlead - and i'm pretty sure we will see asmos capturing a Keep, without much problem, just cuz attacking fraction has an advatange in mechanic when jus switching between 2 keeps on each attack. If u reset this every week it might get even harder - since ely just need to wipe [email protected] after they got their keep faster. Thats what was common on retail. in addition on retail the change was even cleverer. There was 1 attack, 1 def and before next siege it fell balaur - so ppl still have the chance to do a defense raid - its really a cut in content if there is no more"def"-siege. And tbh.there are waaay better mechanics even used on retail to balance sieges... there were siegebuffs implemented later that stacked up every week the other faction held a keep. and were reduced each week the own fraction held it. so longterm there is a buff that equals it. Edit: This means in Addition - Elys can take Sillus EVRYTIME. since asmos can go on sillus as well and loose all 3 keeps for sure, or they can give it to ely and try to get another keep (what will fail when ely go the keep 2nd that asmodians try). This is not a fair way of balance to give over the ONLY important keep to elyos - for all future (until server is back in balance) In abyss this can work.
  3. When putting my gear into the Actionbars to have an easier setswitch. It gets messed up on every relog for literally no reason (bad gamemechanic). This happens on login, on severswitch (arena/dred) and even when raid starts(whyever). In Addition this cannot be easily fixed what makes the set kind of useless - annoying. I made a short video to show it. twitch Anyone knows a way i can avoid this? i think its a gamemechanic - but mb someone has an idea. TY
  4. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Ty for claryfying, then it feels ok =)
  5. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Please if u think u have to quote and flame someone - make at least sure you are abel to understand what that person wrote.... Without noticing u just agreed me lol. Of course administration cant hold such event every time a new player arrives - and thats why implementing these wings is not fair for those players... but where's the point to flame me - I have the chance to get the wings and get the advantage over all future players - so mentioning that, does not bring me an advantage. It's just an objective constructive critic for future events - not like u did a flame to keep ur own advantage. Thx for reading more patient in future, so you dont need to waste your time with nonsense comments
  6. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Any infos about the maintenance? Did event got affectd in any ways?
  7. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    I could get wings as well - its not about me - i just think if a new palyer starts - he should be able to get everthing what others have, if he puts in enough efforts. Until this event started this was the case. But now there is gear(wings) he cannot reach when the event is over. And thats what i call "unfair". Cleric is one of the classes getting most of the wings due to the mechanics with his remnants - so its not that i dont want others to get nice stuff - its just - i dont like events putting in stuff that usually wouldnt exist ingame (reason mentioned)
  8. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    Well it looks kile pretty big loot in this event - are the wings with stats or skin? im not sure if its a good idea to add such strong "event-only-content"-wings wich are in addition the strongest in game. if the dont come back continously in events it might be kinda unfair. The point is: this server was fair - noone had gear - that others could not reach - this changes when event is over - new ppl cant get that wings with any efforts.
  9. Well for quite a while im wondering if it is allowed to reset dredcommanders/raidbosses on purpose - what happens for sure! The points are the following: 1. The person resetting is a character of the defending Fraction BUT can be played by a player of the opposing fraction as well. 2. If the Character is played by the opposing fraction - (p.e. temp spotting to reset dredcom) this can be a huge influence on the raid and should be bannable. 3. Ofc it is hard to find out if the character is played by the opposing fraction - but even if the character is played by the own fraction - the person activeley resetting is causing a huge disadvantage to his own fraction on purpose what is questionable. I think most would be fine with such a person gettin banned as well. The game mechanics makes it impossible to kill such a player working against it's own fraction. 4. Its not always easy to find out who exactly did that since aggro might switch to sumone who is still in bossroom but dredcom runs outside, if its oficially forbidden to activeley reset dredcom (mb only multiple times), ppl would mb already do it less. There are alot of streamers - and in sum cases it might be possible to find the person doing it multiple times. Well I remember in later patches where we had Invasionbosses for example, the mechanic got changed. If boss got resetted, HP remained same - just the dmg dealt by player (lootdistribution) got resetted - so ppl youldnt dmg thei own fraction in this way. Would be cool if it is possible to find a solution here
  10. Top Race Kor Event

    Even if i put in here sum critics - i like the effort u make to improve the overall pvp experience on this server. But tbh why ppl think they have to limit sets for every tournament (esp. this type or tournament)? That makes no sense - esp considering that there are classes that are balanced on the set-opportunites in this patch. Every class has the chance to get all sets and beeing prepared with sets for all situations and use them with brain. Thats by faar not as expensive as getting +5 accs - which are allowed. So literally u say ppl that are too lazy in gettin accusets and instead put they money into +4-+5 accs dont get their natural punishment - instead you punish ppl that prepare well. But then u allow composite-defsets - since u dont allow accusets(accusets dont increase dmg so they are no dps sets) u need a composite-accuset - what is kind of more rare then a normal accu set. DPS sets are just fine - ofc. Lets imagine u have a Cleric vs SM - Sm starts fearlock ggwp. dps set did not bring any dmg. But if cleric had full mRes vs SM - he might deal way more dmg than in his dps-set... so in this case - the mRes set transists to the better dps set. If its gettin skilled both classes start switching between their sets isntead of roflcopter fearlock u mustn't use a defset. using sets do doge certain spells like fears/silences/sleeps is kind of way more skilled, than "watch my silence procced" - duel is won. esp in other matchups like sm vs sm and things like that. doge coversilenve by fast switch or the fear when the other sm was too lazy to switch to mAccu. By limiting sets - u bring a huge limit to skill-lvl in this event. Especially in this kind of tournament - where u choose ppl/classes against each other by captain - there is aboluteley NO point in limiting sets - if u have an mRescleric there - oh well he might win 1 duel due to his set - captain shots mage next who has freewin vs cleric - so wheres the point in limiting sets? This would even take out skill in planning/counteringorder of classes announced by captains. hope u can see it as constructive critic - it's not meant to be a flame. Regards Luya
  11. Balaur crafting materials drop rate

    you have a source for that - when lookin in database - the manadar-mobs dont have it in loottable
  12. New events pls

    No, pls do not do that! The amount of events so far is fine - dont forget we have permanent 2x on weekend already. My experience on retail was that there was nearly no time without events. Sometimes even multiple at once - thats one reason why retail failed for the ppl here. When theres all the time events- the focus un the game it self gets lost. Economy needs time to recover and the normal content shouldn't be replaced by permanent events.
  13. Tempering Solution is never enough!

    May I ask if chance got only Nerfed for Steelrose or for all Instances? Feedback: After your response few days ago I was positively suprised for the fix. Even thogh i'm one of the ppl that woulda taken an insane advantage from this event - I think the nerf is correct for the game. Good job - even thogh it makes me sad that i won't have 200 temperings in the end now
  14. Tempering Solution is never enough!

    I understand that there might be a mechanic in calculation of drops that prevents the drop of temperings - but that absolutley does not matter. What matters is the description of the event and wether it's correct or not. the description is: " The items can be dropped with 50% chance. " So when killing a boss the have to drop a tempering in 50% of cases (considering all other mechanics) or the description is wrong. The intention of the event as described is clear - and whatever mechanics prevent fullifing the description, make the event "not work" What Allmighty said would mean - since in steelrose we have 100% drop for a conqueror chest - this could lead to 0% temperingdrop since there drops another item with higher probability? - why list steelrose then as part of event? - that makes no sense.
  15. Tempering Solution is never enough!

    I'm Sorry, if it did not get activated tonight - There is mathematical absoluteley no question that it does not work! I mean its kinda easy: If the droprate of the tempering is 50% we can do the math: (the event description says the items can be dropped with 50% chance - so if there is a gamemechanic that somehow reduces the chance based on other drops, the description would be wrong since the chance is below 50% then) Runs without Drop - probability for no drop (if the droprate is 50%) 1 - 50% (=1/0,5^1) 2 - 25% (=1/0,5^2) 3 - 12,5% (=1/0,5^3) 10 - 0.09765625% (=1/0,5^10) 15 - 0,003% (=1/0,5^15) 20 - 0,000095% (=1/0,5^20) To be honest how can you denie these numbers? ppl did more than 20 instances without drop. In fact the probability for tempering EVERY of these runs is exact the same. I heared noone saying he dropped temperings 5 times in a row what has probability of 1/2^5=1/32= 3,125% - while there are LOTS of ppl doing 20+ Instances with 0 Temperings. So the numbers sare easy - The question is: you dont trust the mathematics or the ppl that say they dont drop? If its the Last thing - How many Instances do you want me to record on video without drop - until you believe what we say?