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  1. I've got/had that quest on all my 7 alts if you don't have it you don't meet the level requiment which is prolly 39/40 .
  2. Double exp on the weekends!

    Basically Friday is the start of the weekend while sunday is start of new week .
  3. Momentous rush or Celerity mantra?

    Answer is simple press P turn on celerity check speed ,turn on momentous check speed you've got an obvious answer without a need to make a post.
  4. im ASMODIANS...

    Marco it's been like that since 1.0 on retail servers wear either full of elyos or full of asmos which impacted servers in alot of ways . For instance asmodians ALWAYS level faster(even retail was promoting creation of asmo characters with a guide to attaract players to play asmo) no matter who's gonna say that exp charts are divided accordingly in the same way it's not true. Exp is the same as for x1 rate but amount of quests on asmodian side is spreaded in a diffrent way and more tight to each other so pick up severals quests and killing for exapmple one mob complete like 2-3 quests at once for same type of mob. And don't say no cause i've played asmo and ely on 2 diffrent accounts on retail. Next thing why asmo? prolly lore some people preffer having red glowing eyes/claws/tail dark(for some people it's cool feature so they go for that) lands and diffrent kid of music on diffrent maps . Also on asmo side there was always more organisation durning sieges (on retail at least) cause there was always less asmos so they tighten up more . Elyos side idk why people don't play elys that much i prefer light skin tone warm bright lands etc(to idc about lore) but organisation on sieges sucks people don't listen to orders and as many people agree or dissagree some of us listen some of us don't cause why not ? On elyos side i see every day new legions recruit idk how it is on asmo but i think strenght of faction is counted in umbers ,while so many people makes new legions cause they can stand each other an wanna make their own legion to rule how they want is total bullshit . Power is in numbers and if we will conftinue splitting legions that much we;ll end up with no forts at sieges at all. Atm it's quite hard to do them due to lots of factors but no one said it's gonna be easy . Also idk why people compare everything what's happening on the server to retail as it's not retail at all, we don't have 21803210741902301 players no rookier server and more importanly people are less keen to help newbies in stuff beyond 45 . I mean if you got the freaking rank or brig/deputy/cent move your ass and help them out instead of afk ? i understand not everyone got time to help people out but having a rank doesn't mean you can just slack with inviting people to the legions only.. And i've been in 2 legions where they had over 20 people online and belive me lot's of 65 NONE of them helped out ''i don't like thhat instace'' ''take too much time and mobs are too tanky '' answers like that don't really encourage people to stay,play and enjoy or no answers at all just some wierd conversations and ignorring peoople need for help . That's my point of view and i know leveling to 65 pre 4.8 take time especially when you just started out, and fun fact i've observerd that most people after hitting 65 completly forget about how it was pre 65 and just do their own stuff . And now witing for some brilliant walking Aion's Walktrough reply .
  5. Shop items Pet that produce exp scrolls that last an hour with random rate of 50/100/200% while feed.Was available on retail so I see no issues with adding it to the shop .
  6. Sexism & misogyny

    Do you understand that it's a free world when people say whatever they want? i see no offense in that + keep mind that it also could be a joke. I don't really understand that '''misogyny'' you know it means feeding own ego? . Stop being snowflakes,oversensitive and seriously start reporting things that actually matter rather than attemptiing to create a shit storm about reports like that . Preview forum in reports section,cause administration doesn't seem to have any problems with even worser cases of reports cause your post is just a joke .
  7. Anticheat Version is Old

    Well i've been playing on the server over a week ,acccidently deleted whole aion folder, so i downloaded the game again now it gives me an error about not being able connect to the server with sad face showing 404 . Checking files gets to 89% then message connection lost reconnecting. Can't even re download the game again to see it some files somehow got broken cause it simply doesn't connect. After few tries showed me some message about updating anitcheat ,re downloaded launcher cause seems like for some people it works, and it doesn't for me . I don't have any antivirus or firewall on in facet aion itself added to white list on firewall any ideas how to get back to the game? After trying re-downloading launcher just can't connect to any source to download the game simply gives me constantly 404 sad face icon .
  8. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    I don't really understand all your 4 points . I haven't complained about version of the game, the only thing i can really pick on is the voting website which can't be changed to english so no point of that vote button . I also don't mind donating but i rather donate for cosmetics rather than shortending my way to 65 by spending 10 bucks on one amulet . I also know running the server costs no need to point obvious things. And yes let's praise the server for what we get and see how Euro gonna be like Gold was.
  9. what happened with Ely?

    Asmos in general ALWAYS leveled up faster than elyos,(due to quests that give signiifaicant way much more exp than ely quests in similar zones)no wonder most people choose asmo side . Ely side is pretty much drama from one certian person who insults everyone around,threat people like shit etc,so got your answer why elys are lazy and not enjoying playing on ely side . Not to mention dragging people to sieges number of players that actaully is 65 is below 100 on peak times cause ''how much time leveling takes'' got your answers ? .
  10. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Since we can't edit posts . Altrough it's quite sad to make server x1 and add to cash shop exp scrolls... Theres no way to obtain e coins any other way than swiping credit card since vote website is in russian we also are forced to make an account on some website to even start with . I don't like the idea of putting faster leveling by pay wall , i wouldnt mind paying for that but since im not exactly enjoying currently leveling i'll either stick to exp x1 + my pathetic 50% scroll and tea which took me nearly an half hour to get 1 lvl at adma ,or i'll just do what most new people do and leave . And let's face it retail like server with rates x1 okay... now tell me Retail in times had thousands of players new/old whatever so you could actually do stuff to progress and level with other people (rookie server where people from all servers could do instances/quests/etc) here im quite sick of constantly asking people to help me do/run certian stuff cause we all would like to do our own stuff instead of babysitting other people.... Even tho asking pretty much in most cases end with no replies ,unless you're asking for holding group . For me in case where server is compared to retail (without thousands of players) and enjoyable to play (if you actually manage to get to 65 before quitting) is just a missunderstanding. I know i'll get lot's of hate due to my post but let it be , 5 days playing lvl 46 lol with constantly quest tracker stuffed with quests 39/39 GG .
  11. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Gotta admit im really frustrated with ''old fashion'' leveling since we don't have dark blue quests which appeared in 4.7 or 4.8 it's VERY time consuming to level up 1 character not to mention alts if someone doesn't actually enjoy playing current one . I wouldn't mind at least rates x2 for quests im working 8 hours a day and doing shit tons of light blue quests for leveling is horrible . But no matter what we say post is thread won't get any further replies from staff what's the point then .