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  1. Noob question

    No, I mean the new teleport system, it was introduced in 4.x I'm not sure, but it was in 4.6 for sure
  2. Noob question

    As I remember there was a teleport option in 4.6, why was it removed?
  3. Noob question

    @DevWolx I don't want to create another topic for that simple question, but is there any possibility to teleport? It's really annoying to walk to every quest.
  4. Noob question

    Thank u very much!
  5. Noob question

    Hi, I just joined to the server and actually many things are different than on official server. My question is how to sell things? There used to be some sort of "instant sell". Also i don't know how to buy more inventory slots, it says that I can buy it on aion shop, but i can't find it. EDIT: Ok, nvm, just found it