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  1. Please make the exp rate x2 too please.
  2. Nothing important :D

    Ok,thank you for your response. ^^
  3. Hello,have you ever thought to make a new private server,but with the 5.x versions? I know that some people hate that period,but for me to be honest,it was very enjoyable,even if in that time,the p2w was number 1(please don't throw hate on me,I just asked. )
  4. Japanese Voices in 2 steps !

    It's just japanese.
  5. Maintenance 23.10.2019

    Lul,but still,they could talk in their russian topic.And to be honest,why there is a russian thread if this server is from Europa? Lul
  6. Maintenance 23.10.2019

    Hello,I don't want to sound rude ,but still,this topic is in english,why are you writing in russian?...
  7. When are we gonna get events?

    Well,at least an event with exp
  8. Donations

    So,will PaySafe be added? Because I wish to buy some ECoins,but unfortunately I don't own a credit card.
  9. Change voices

    Well,for korean voice pack,you have them in your Aion's folder,named Sounds.But the npcs voices are missing.
  10. Client

    Hello,in the future,will you update the server to 4.7?