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  1. New Coins Shops

    I like the shop from 4.8 of conqueror mark, I was one of those that actually farmed that for the fun. And it wouldnt be a bad thing for the server, new skins/mounts/gear. It was REALLY expensive, it took me months to farm 10k for the red mount. And I active killed the mobs in ing to get conqueror mark
  2. Discord Unban Appeal

    It does not sound like a big deal to block a player of four year...Give the guy a second chance
  3. I agree, I myself never bother to go any of those.Sometimes people call for Ophidan bridge (pve) and I am like "nah". Would be fun do other instance, but we at least some reward that are worh my time
  4. Incentivize players

    I agree, we need more stuff to do in game. And different ones, especially if we think the server is forever 4.6.
  5. Please, this would really help the server. Euro is the only good server for Aion right now, so there is player from all over the world. Give attention to us too