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  1. Discord Unban Appeal

    Good Morning, I dont understand how my violation is so severe, that Im not eligible for a unban, after all this time. Anyhow, if you deem my case as unappealable, you may close this thread. Thank you for your time
  2. Discord Unban Appeal

    Dear EuroAion Staff For lack of reference on the forum index and my inability to submit my request via Discord (due to my ban hehexd), I post this matter here. Since more than Four years, I've been actively playing here and I well enjoyed my stay. However, One or Two years ago when the DDOS Attacks started, I was being salty about some lost progress and in frustration, wrote some dumb joke on discord, about uninstalling the game. I've been banned ever since. I understand why my ban was issued, but apart form this incident I have a clean record in every sens, for all those years. There for I allow myself to appeal this ban. My Discord: elia8212 Kind Regards Adderall