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  1. Choose the light side and get gifts!

    Probably already existing accounts on Elyos side will create chars for benefits.
  2. x2 Rates

    Better start increasing drop/item rates soon-ish, I don't see reason to donate shop if people don't have kinah to buy stuff I put in broker. Best regards
  3. Hello people, I was going to post this suggestion too but nice someone else already did, we definitely need Alchemy event since Elyos side is decreased. Broker is empty and with no in- game economy population will keep on decreasing. Raise also drop rate pls, it is demotivating to keep on playing this way. We can't even conquer Divine( lack of Elyos) and get fine morph designs. And don't be afraid people won't donate with such a rewarding event, happy and grateful people will donate. Alchemy event was invented to give retail server a boost because of same situation as here. It brought back lots of people. This is a nice server and we would like to keep it alive. Only tip according to alchemy event if I remember well all accounts get 1 key via mail per day ( all characters 30+ on 1 account ) But remove keys from lower instances like Fire Temple,adma, Theolab what more, high levels used to camp all day long lower instances to get keys, that wouldn't be fair. Which reminds me that it was because of key abuse the second alchemy event was heavily nerfed. Greetings (^.^)/