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  1. Arena Tickets

    Hello, I would like to suggest giving players a new arena ticket if the arena they entered in is empty and finishes without a fight happening. Removing rewards and giving back the ticket is the best idea I think. People don't go discipline arena for 1.000 AP but to fight an opponent and have good pvp. Tell me what you think
  2. Dodging tactics in Arena

    It's literally a number, can't get any more MMR-ish than that. It would however be nice to know how the system works, but I have the feeling the dev or admin don't even know themselves...
  3. Dodging tactics in Arena Under discipline tab the first 10 spots are what I consider high rating
  4. Dodging tactics in Arena

    I'll admit that I've used bg pots in the past from time to time, but I haven't for months because A: I don't have them anymore B: I don't need them anymore to win In fact, I had one last stash of them waiting for a special occasion, but sadly got out-potted by someone who was literally using them on cd (: So yeah, I aggree that the item is ridiculous in PvP-instances and should be removed/made unusable.
  5. I'm writing this because lately this has become a huge problem. The arena system in place encourages people to not enter, pass popped entries and allows several types of abuse. As it is right now, the arena ticket is only used when you click on enter in arena. This means that people who know who they are going to be up against can just let the popped entry run out or pass it, and the other player(s) that went inside and wanted to fight lose the ticket. Especially in coop and high rating solo arena this has become a huge issue. My coop group always only sends in one person because chances are high that the arena is going to be empty. The same happened to me last season in solo arena where Shikastyle someone would apply arena for 1 hour straight only to not go in when it popped against me. This is just a way of wasting peoples tickets and trying to win ladder not fairly or just being straight up annoying. Additionally it happens that people go inside, see their opponents and instantly leave. This means that the rating for both players doesn't change and for the group or player that gets dodged it means a wasted ticket. There are many solutions to this but these are my preferred ones: 1. Make it impossible to dodge -> when your entry proccs you are forced to go in and lose the ticket 2. Give back the ticket if the arena you joined in is empty (and no win rewards ofc) -> solves the problem of the lost tickets but not the perma apply into dodge problem 3. Have leaving an arena before it starts count as a loss -> solves the problem of dodging when already inside All of this wouldn't matter if there was no reward for winning arena, but the rewards obviously incentivise abuse of the system that is currently in place: Currently this is not about "Meeting the best players in PvP events in the last season!" but about meeting the players who dodged and abused the arena system the most. I'd be lying if I said I never abused any part of the system but it's the sad reality of the ladder system. Admin pls respond (:
  6. SM Stigma build's

    I use this stigma build most of the time bc it's the most versatile: Note that wop, no earthen call, weaken spirit/no cow is all for grp pvp. You need wop for sleep/fear dispel, earthen call is useless if you have a cleric, cow is useless if the opponent has a cleric. You play for kill during fear shriek or burst kills that's why weaken spirit is good. If you're talking 1v1 you can remove fear shriek and bg depending on matchup and take earthen call and maybe cow instead of ws depending on the class you're fighting. Depending on your opponent's class you might have to use fear shriek or not. I fear(no ifear) against sorcs, sins, rangers, clerics, strong gunner/bard players bc if they know how to play their class you just have to fear or kite them for 1min straight after you used rs. For certain arena matchups you could argue to replace soul torrent with cow for more dps but that's very situational. Edit: Obviously this is all pvp related. If you're doing solo pve you might want to consider Absorb Vitality and/or Armor Spirit . The usual anti-boss-ingrp build: With that build you can swap out ws for more group oriented options like bodyguard, fear shriek or transference if you're struggling with mana. Also you could use soul torrent for more dps instead of wop if there is no phys dps in your grp. If you for some reason want to buff up 5 sins in dlr/th for example you could consider Blessing of Fire.
  7. Hunter's nickname: Argothon Victim's nickname: Reconquista
  8. Hunter's nickname: Argothon Victim's nickname: Reconquista