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  1. Incentivize players

    I think implementing GP in the ING/GELK siege and changing the rotation of the current sieges would be much better... the whole week doing only 2 sieges is quite boring, if ING/GELK were added to the siege calendar to occur twice a week it would be amazing. Just a suggestion:
  2. For DLR, if the server has Courier Pass it should be enough because the drop is random, Sorc or Healers can get the extended weapons and all they can do is break it to get enchanting stones... If they could sell it it would be very interesting for everyone, some people don't have a strong enough group to pass this instance, so they could simply buy (this would make more people interested in selling) and also help friendly groups trade these items among themselves. I also like what was said here "So I'd suggest a drop increase or additional drop for DLR (could be even some composite manastone bundles so at least you have a reason to run it)". Something new like this is very interesting. Some Courier Pass (NOT ABYSS ONES) could be better for Players due to the creation of a market for specific items, as mentioned. The change would be good also for Staff by selling them in Ecoin Shop.
  3. Discord Unban Appeal

    I'm not Adderall friend and don't know him but some situations could be able for an exception, I understand this situation because I've been through something similar... DDOS attacks make every player angry because they are wasting time because people lose progress, they can't play... I understand that the Staff is not to blame for things like this happening on the server. What I want to say is that I've also complained on Discord for the same reason, probably not like Adderall, but we are people and when frustrated we say things that shouldn't be said and in certain situations should be understood or just ignored. Discord is the main channel for EuroAion players to chat and stay up to date with the latest news. I hope the team reconsiders cases like these of excessive anger.
  4. New Coins Shops

    I didn't ask to change everything, they can keep the old shops and also add new NPC for exchange new rewards. Don't say things like "ppl don't know" cuz these rewards are useless for ppl who already are full like me or most of Euro Aion population, the server stands in same version, once u get full you don't need ceramium medal (Now with Velma you can get some exclusive rewards) for PVP gear, also the "Vanquisher freezing set" that you mentioned is poor like I said, isn't that good and also is hard to get by rng. I created an alt Cleric who already has mythic Sauro belt and never seen this Vanquisher Belt from Conqueror box just potions, people can use BM (The difference between BM and Vanquisher is minimal) instead of this one till get a mythic pve. If they introduce this new content, people can turn more interested to keep farming DGs to gain exclusive skins or what Staff decide to introduce in the future.
  5. New Coins Shops

    The recently added NPC Velma with some skins, titles, and moves acquired by AP+Ceramium Medal was a piece of cake, but we have some useless coins in the game such as Conqueror Mark and Ceramium Coin which give very weak and poor rewards, I think most people would like if new items were introduced in these stores, such as new skins, mounts, pets, supply items... This type of change could lead to more people farming Daily quests and dungeons to reach their new goals.
  6. To improve PVP quality, I think should be good for everyone create a new queue for KBF and EOB for people who play in American Countries, because Euro Aion has players from the whole world but in the EU time is not accessible to everyone... Of course I know the server is EU, but most of these people who play from other regions just go AFK in this PVP instances cuz they're working or just can't play at the moment, so I think a new timer would improve the queue for who play from EU Region because AFK players should decrease drastically, the server would become more active and competitive in European dawns, there are around 250~400 players Online every occidental night and this would rise if ppl had something to do. My suggestion is around 3 AM~5 AM server time to Queue up these PVP instances. I hope you guys understand and consider, ty!
  7. I started to play in December 2023, now I'm making my gear and realized my attack when using Dual looks different... My off-hand is weaker than my main hand and it's not normal since both are in the same grade and off-hand's weapon is stronger than main. So I was in aspirine making the same gear that I already use in game and I saw -80 attack in off-hand than normal. https://imgur.com/a/UmmqbqS The link show both stats, my own and in aspirine. https://aion.aspirine.su/#!bbBWfFo the gear link. I hope this can be solved. att.